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Review: Stitches and Sepsis by Liz Faraim

Adrenaline addicted veteran, Vivian Chastain, confronts the man who has been following her for days, only to find he has a message of dire consequence for her. Spurred into action by his news, she barrels head on into a tumultuous and violent series of events. Stoic and stubborn as always, Vivian lands in the hospital,…

Cover Reveal and Giveaway for The Half Baked Plan by Becca Jackson

Cover Reveal & Giveaway:The Half Baked PlanBy Becca Jackson Coming April 19th Love in No Man’s Land Series, Book 2 LucasFire took out my business, my apartment and almost my life a few weeks back, and now I’m living in my best friend’s house while I rebuild, and he travels the world. He found his…

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