Phoebes Randoms Rainbow Awards: 2022

Welcome to the Third Annual Rainbow Awards where honorable mentions go out to those characters that just stick in my head long after I put the book down.

Best Couple: Ian and Will

Best Battle Couple: Great Scala Myla and her consort Lincoln

Best Reality Show Couple: Kris and D’Vaughn

Best Reunited Couple: Wolf and Willa

Best Friend: Rachael

Best Parent: Junius

Best Title of A Book:

I Cried Soooo Hard: A Tie!!!

Best Robo-Buddy: Purrsephone

“I’m With the Slut”…yeah I “fall in love” a lot.


Best Melt My Panties Moment:

“Because, asshole, when I’m with you, my brain goes into overdrive. When we’re together, I can climb walls and storm battlements and turn the world into embers. Little, stupid people are insignificant, and all the broken, missing parts of my life I can’t piece together stop hurting. You think nobody noticed you on the soccer field? I did. You were the only person I noticed.”

Ian to Will. Liotta, C.T. No Good About Goodbye. (2021) Loc. 3981

Best Publicist:

I thought a lot about this award, but some promote author’s books to the max and support reviewers and I thought this category should get a shout out.

Best Walk-on aka “How You Doin’?”

Best Self Entertainment Scene

Best Goddess

Best WTF Ending!

Best Quote

“It’s not how you fall down, it’s how you get up. And you always rise again, Myla.”

Lincoln, Bauer, Christina. The Brutal Time, 2020. Loc. 1406.

“Do you insert that stick up your ass every morning, or is it more like an IUD that lasts you five years?”

Alexandria Bellefleur, Written In The Stars (2020)

Best Acknowledgment: Alyson Derrick to their wife Rachael in the Acknowledgement section of their book She Gets the Girl

And finally, to my wife. Thank you for those weird and wonderful two weeks at the start of our senior year. Thank you for being my friend first and for being patient and for letting me get there on my own. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out that it was always going to be you. You are everything I needed, but never knew I could have. I’m not sure how I ever lived my life without you. I love you, Rachael Jane. I will always love you. – Alyson.

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