Phoebes Randoms Rainbow Awards: 2021

Welcome to the Second Annual Rainbow Awards where honorable mentions go out to those characters that just stick in my head long after I put the book down.

Best Couple: Shadia and Kit

Best Friend: Katie Mickey

Best Parent: Aaron Bell

Best Title of A Book:

¡Hola Papi!: How to Come Out in a Walmart Parking Lot and Other Life Lessons

Best Human Code I Have Seen This Year!

Best Second Banana Comic Relief: Jamal


Belly Hurt From Laughing So Much

I Cried Soooo Hard

Best Recap: CheshireCat

Best Publicist:

I thought a lot about this award, but some promote author’s books to the max and support reviewers and I thought this category should get a shout out.

Best Quote

“(F)or every single reader fighting for that tomorrow alongside me. For everyone living in the margins who wants to burn it all down and building something new from the ash. This one’s for us. Let’s get to it.”

Edgemon, H. The Witch’s King, 2021. Loc. 4146