Best Books of 2022

Adventure in Nature

tree, summer, blue sky


Children’s Book

Crime Fiction

Debut Author


Historical Fiction



Mystery – LGBTQ+

Police Procedural

Romance – FF

Romantic Comedy

Sports Fiction

black and white, sports

Holiday Romance

Best Covers

Cover design: Bewitching Book Covers by Rebecca Frank

Best Quotes:

“I loved your son from the bottom of my heart. I would have taken care of him and lived with him forever, if he’d given me the opportunity. You were very lucky to be his father.”

Pablo to Spencer’s Father, The MoonStone Girls, Brooke Skipstone (2022). Loc. 3593

“They want boys to shower and crap in public to prove they’re not gay,” I said. “If you stay limp among all those wet, soapy guys, you’re good to go. Girls get stalls to ensure they don’t become gay.”

Tracy, The MoonStone Girls, Brooke Skipstone (2022). Loc. 719

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