Best Books of 2021

Adventure in Nature

Fantasy – LGBTQIA

Family Fiction


Military Fiction – Novella

M/M Romance

Military Fiction


Romance – Polyamorous

Science Fiction

Science Fiction – LGBTQ+

Sports Fiction

YA Fiction

YA Action/Adventure

YA Romance – LGBTQIA

YA Sci-Fi Superheroes

Holiday – Novella





History: Children’s


Men’s Spiritual Growth



Best Covers

Cover Artist: Johana Gavez
Cover Artist: Lisa Beth Manning
Cover by: Pixie Covers

Best Quotes:

“Do you think any of us comes from normal? I mean anybody alive? Do we even know what normal is, or do we just make it up in our heads because the movies and television convinced us there is a normal?”

Feehan, Christine. Murder at Sunrise Lake, 2021

“(F)or every single reader fighting for that tomorrow alongside me. For everyone living in the margins who wants to burn it all down and building something new from the ash. This one’s for us. Let’s get to it.”

Edgmon, H., The Witch King, 2021, Loc. 4146

“You, too, can march…You can stand up. You can straighten your shoulders. You can throw back your chin. And you can shout what young people have been shouting for decades, “Let’s march!””

Long, Michael, Kids On The March. 2021 Loc. 83

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