Phoebes Randoms Rainbow Awards: 2020

Welcome to the First Annual Rainbow Awards where honorable mentions go out to those characters that just stick in my head long after I put the book down.

Best Friend:

Best Title of A Book:

How did this idea come about? I was thinking about the “Best Kiss” award on MTV and Miranda MacLeod wrote the best first kiss I have ever read last year. I thought she should get an award for that scene…and here we are.

Best Guy Code I Have Seen This Year!

Straight Best Friend Pretends to be Gay BF

Belly Hurt From Laughing So Much

F/F Romance

I Cried Soooo Hard

F/F Sci-Fi

Best Robo-Buddy: Syd

F/F Sci-Fi

“I’m With the Slut”…yeah I “fall in love” a lot.

LGBT Mystery

Best Recap:

Best Publicist:

I thought a lot about this award, but some promote author’s books to the max and support reviewers and I thought this category should get a shout out.

Best Walk-on aka “How You Doin’?”

Artemis walking into the news room (sigh).

Best Holiday Cover: