Best Books of 2020




Children’s Fiction

Alex Gino’s Rick

Debut Author




Holiday Short Read


NA Romance: M/M

NA Romance: Poly


Romance: F/F Age Gap

Romance: M/M Age Gap

Romance: Butch/Femme

Romance: F/F Workplace

Romance: F/F

Romance: M/M

Romantic Comedy

SciFi/Fantasy Novella

Thriller: Erotic

Urban Fantasy

YA Fiction

Kelly Vincent’s Finding Frances

YA LGBT Fiction

YA Science Fiction

Rebecca Royce and Skye MacKinnon’s Purgatory City

Series: Romance – F/F

Harper Bliss’ Two Hearts Trilogy

Series: LGBT Fiction

Series: Science Fiction



Cultural Anthropology

LGBT Studies: Gender



The Women Writers’ Handbook Ed. Ann Sandham

Best Covers:

Favorite Quotes This Year:

“But I think there’s this inherent need within people, where each of us wants to be the hero.”

Law to Andy, Loc. 1440, Briar Prescott, Project Hero (2020)

“Those in power hate when those without power start gaining it. And solidarity – standing together – is power.”

Maureen to Amelia, Loc. 1063, L.C. Mawson, Ethics of Magic (2020)

“…man and woman are two of many—stars in a constellation that do not compete but amplify one another’s shine.”

Alok Vaid-Menon, Beyond the Gender Binary (2020)

“This was a murder that had taken place in the physical world, its motivations hidden beneath layers of prejudice never voiced out loud.”

Reis Asher, Clear Motives: A Nick Fabian LGBT Thriller (2020) Loc. 122

Phoebe’s Faves

Lexa Luthor’s “The Alpha God” Series
F/F Sci-Fi Romance
Briar Prescott Project Hero
M/M NA Romance
Reis Asher Clear Motives
M/M Mystery (FtM)
Simon Strange’s Shelter in Place
M/M Romance
Sienna Waters The Wrong Date
F/F Romance

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