Best Books of 2019



Coming Out Story

Eliza David’s The Lamar St. Jon Experience

Debut Author

G.R. Browda’s Out Of Control: A Gloria Morris Murder Mystery


Best Lesbian Erotica Of The Year Volume 4 Edited by Sinclair Sexsmith


Gay Fiction

Colette Davison’s Broken

Military Fiction

Aprille Canniff’s Trust


Sara Blaedel’s Her Father’s Secret

New Adult Fiction

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue’s To The Beat Of Their Own Drum

Paranormal Fiction

Laura Greenwood & Arizona Tape’s Fangs For All

Romance: ACE

Romance: Dark

Arizona Tape’s Play to Kiss

Romance: M/F

Romance: Sports

Science Fiction

K.C. Luck’s Save Her Heart


Eva Rae Thomas Series

YA Fiction

Naomi Martin’s Break Me

YA Fiction: Paranormal

Nicole Rubino’s Something Wicked

Series: Occult Fiction

Nikki Landis’ “Mystic Hallows Harem” Series

Series: Urban Fantasy

Skye MacKinnon’s Catnip Assassins” Series



Phillip Crawford Jr.’s Queer Joints, Wiseguys and G-Men

Politics & Social Sciences

Suketu Mehta’s This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant’s Manifesto

Social Justice

Kk Otteson’s Activist

Spirituality/New Age

Colin Bedell’s Queer Cosmos

Best Covers of 2019

Victoria Cooper Art

Phoebe’s Faves


Science Fiction Series:

Skye MacKinnon’s “Between Rebels Trilogy”

YA Series:

Gotta start with Book One:
Arizona Tape’s Valkyrie 101