Mini-Review: The Showhouse Killer by Katy Pierce

The writing is on the wall and it’s crystal clear. Private investigator Carlee Knight now has a target on her back.

More than a decade after a malevolent serial killer once haunted Carlee’s eighth-grade class, claiming the lives of countless students, including her twin, horror has struck the quiet lakeside suburb once more. When a gristly murder of a teen boy suddenly yields fresh leads on this ice-cold case, Carlee knows she must leave her new home in Chicago and dive back into the bloody secrets of Harborside—before the next child winds up dead.

As she works with her two closest colleagues, stoic Detective West and charismatic FBI Special Agent Garnett, Carlee’s search for the Eighth-Grade Killer is entangled with another death. An intern at a high-stakes realty company is found hanging from a swing set, dead of an apparent suicide. His distraught mother refuses to accept the police report… and when no one else will listen, she hires Carlee to prove it was murder.

One pull of the thread leads Carlee into a perilous game of foul play and million-dollar deals that will drag her from lavish mansions to dark alleys.

But there’s a dangerous shadow still following her every step. How can she defend herself against a shadow? Better yet, how can she turn this around and chase a shadow?

The Show-House Killer is the second book of Katy Pierce’s Harborside Secrets mystery series, where a new danger lurks behind every twist, and the only person Carlee can trust is herself.

My thoughts

Carlee is back and this time teaming up with Chicago Cop Zach to find a killer in the neighborhood next door to Harborside.

Once again Katy Pierce gives us a killer I did not see coming. This is probably because the cases follow the clues so we don’t meet the killer until Carlee does. I will say at times that it seems that there is a touch of the supernatural attached to Carlee as there is a lot of damage done to her in the last two books and she keeps getting back up. (chuckle…go Carlee.)

I really like Carlee, which is something I have said before. The Showhouse Killer just solidifies my opinion. The mystery is fast-paced. The trail is hot and believable. Pierce has another winner with the Harborside Secrets series.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Published by: 979-8374813685, 26 January 2023

Series: Harborside Secrets #2; Settings: Chicago, IL and Elmwood Glen, MI, U.S.

Pages: 235

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