Mini-Review: Bodyguard by Dassy Bernhard

How was he supposed to know that the real-life chairman looked like an actor playing one on TV?

When bodyguard Tang Jun-young saves his clients, a world-famous K-pop boyband, from being kidnapped by stopping the getaway van with his own body, he’s worried that his secret—well, one of them—will be out in the open. Fortunately, everyone’s focus is on the idols, and nobody looks at him too closely—or so he thinks.

Kyo Seung-hyun, the new chairman of the Kyo Group, is looking for a trusted confidant while working on his eccentric playboy billionaire image (he’s got the “eccentric” part down cold). When he meets Jun-young, he knows he’s found his man—in more ways than one. Jun-young is too honest for his own good, more intelligent than he lets on, and too attractive for Seung-hyun’s peace of mind. The superpowers are a bonus, really.

When Seung-hyun tries to correct his deceased father’s past misdeeds, the corruption the two of them unearth is the kind many would prefer to be kept quiet. Jun-young would do anything to keep Seung-hyun safe, but this situation might be more than even he can handle.

Author’s note: Slow burn. Sweet romance. Idiots in love. Mutual pining. MARVEL and Connie Willis references. Corruption. The occasional cat. Happily Ever After.

My thoughts

Dassy Bernhard’s note kind of says it all: “Idiots in love.” (chuckle) I mean this in a really cute and funny way.

Bodyguard is a slow-burn superhero Korean romance. I love it.

Let me first give kudos to Elizabeth Turner Stokes who designed the cover. It was the cover that made me pick the book. I love this cover. The chemistry between the characters jumps off the page. The colors pop. The humor shines through. Stokes matched the author’s story perfectly.

Bernhard gives us a really cute romance. The chapter titles give a chuckle. The inner dialogue is hilarious. I love the messages behind the romance. There isn’t anything to not love in this quickie read. I’d love to have this superhero bodyguard on my security detail too.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.




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Dassy Bernhard

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Further Details:

Published by: 9781913545826, 14 Jun 2021

Cover Design by: Elizabeth Turner Stokes

Edited by: Lyss Em

Narrated by:

Series: The Bodyguards #1

Settings: Korea

Pages: 64


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