Review: Lady Reaper by Christina Bauer

Young Myla and Lincoln Kick Ass and Take Names in This Prequel Novella for REAPER GAMES!

A part-demon girl fights Lady Reaper

Myla Lewis is a sixteen-year old part-demon girl who fights evil souls in Purgatory’s Arena… and she’s always on the lookout for a good chance to fight evil. A SUH-weet battle opportunity appears with Lady Reaper, the famous ghoulette who wields both a scythe and nefarious intensions. Myla discovers Lady Reaper will hide inside the Demon Woods ‘ride’ at Purgatory’s Annual Lust Festival. Time to visit the fest, kick ass and take names, right? Wrong. Lady Reaper has other plans for Myla and her bestie, Cissy…

A part-angel prince faces the Grim Reaper

Lincoln is a seventeen-year old part-angel prince who protects humans from the denizens of Hell. On a routine trip to Earth, Lincoln uncovers clues that his best friend, Walker, might be allied to an evil ghoul named the Grim Reaper. Things go downhill from there…

My thoughts

A Valentine read for the winter holidays! At least that is how I interpret going to a Lust Festival on the 13th of February. Chocolate. Music. Rides. Oh yeah, that says romance for me. Add in getting into battle for Myla and there you go: one lovely Valentine’s Day. (chuckle)

I am not an impartial reader as I love Myla. Christina Bauer’s trip back in time lets us see Myla before Lincoln and Myla has not changed much over time. Sass. Strength. Loyalty. Myla is a great role model for anyone. She stands up for what she believes in and friendship, once earned, is sacred. I love her friendship with Cissy. I kind of compare it to Wednesday and Enid. I just watched Wednesday and I immediately thought of Myla and Cissy. Rainbows and Fire. Cissy of course represents all that is pink and light, but let her envy demon and she shoots fire. Whereas Myla is always on fire, but let her baby boy do something sweet and she is all pink and light. (Spoiler alert…yes Myla has a baby in a book in the series.)

Lady Reaper showcases a great introduction to the Reapers, a new mystery, and the bond of friendship. The graphics are awesome. Bauer keeps improving their books with graphics and they are great. I particularly love the house and of course Lady Reaper herself. I could totally cosplay the heck out of her. 

I am looking forward to Reaper Games continuing this story. I know how it all turns out, but Bauer makes the ride so much fun. Plus, Myla kicking butt is always a good time. Get your fix of Myla, Lincoln, Cissy, and Walker with Lady Reaper. It’s a fun quick read.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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Author’s Note:

Originally, LADY REAPER was a full novel. However, the author fell ill with COVID and gave us this prequel novella instead. We have since locked Ms. Bauer into the basement with a charger cord, MacBookPro and carton of Theraflu. The end of this tale will follow in the next release, REAPER GAMES.

From the desk of Mx. Phoebe:

I read Lady Reaper on Black Friday and I thought about what Myla would do on Black Friday. Bauer once put out an email asking about ideas regarding future books. There you go. Black Friday is an American concept which gained traction in the 1980s. The demon would have to be American. I’m thinking of a human who becomes a demon due to consumerism and the power of greed. Can you imagine the commentary that would run through Myla’s head as she sipped a venti mocha latte while watching customers storm the front doors of a store to buy something. (evil chuckle). I’m thinking there might be something here for a holiday novella next year.

Further Details:

Published by: Monster House Books, 9781956114058, 12 November 2022

Series: Angelbound Origins #10

Pages: 20,000-word


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