Mini-Review: Hard Drive by Shae Connor

Hi, my name’s Annie Clark, and I’ve managed to flip my quiet, nerdy, single life completely upside down.

First, I recently figured out that I’m bisexual.

Second, Eve Frederick, star softball player and my ultimate crush, asked me out on a date.

Third, she rocked my world, and now I can’t stop thinking I want more… even though Eve is not into relationships.

And to top it all off, someone took a private video of us and is threatening to make it public.

It’s enough to make me want to go back to hiding out in my dorm room—but only if I can take Eve with me.

My thoughts

Hard Drive is sugar-coated sweetness with a huge drop of jealous stalker.

Shae Connor gives us a loner who focuses on school and work while ogling her crush in her spare time. Imagine when said crush comes to your dorm room with a computer emergency that your brother says only you can fix for her. Yeah…no problem. Gratitude abounds and Annie is beyond happy.

I am an introvert myself so I totally related to Annie. I do think it is funny that she attends most of Eve’s games, but has no clue what the actual game is about. (smh) Connor gives us many funny moments between these two potential love-birds. 

I wasn’t surprised by who the villain ended up being, I was just surprised it took everyone else so long to figure it out. I wish there hadn’t been a villain to be honest. I think dealing with sports and anxiety would have been enough for the story. Adding in an enemy and exposure just seemed to add more drama to the story.

I like Annie and Eve. I think their romance is really sweet. I was rooting for them. Connor definitely knocked this romance right out of the park.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Books in the “University of Atlanta” series.

Further Details:

Published by: Entangled: Embrace, October 2021
Cover Design by: Bree Archer; Photography by Roman Chazov and Alexander Weickart
Edited by: Jen Bouvier and Amy Acosta
Narrated by:
Series: University of Atlanta #2
Settings: Atlanta, GA, U.S.
Pages: 181
Secondary Characters include: Gay, non-white


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