Mini-Review: Every Version by Bryce Oakley

Lizzie Goldstein needs a prom date.

Pink, Disco


Queer Prom-A-Rama is Denver Pride’s biggest event and as one of the head organizers, Lizzie can’t stand the thought of going alone—especially not when she finds out her ex is bringing a literal local celebrity.

She’s willing to try on every version of herself to find the perfect date—she could be the quirky dream girl for an Ice Queen or the snarky and ambitious competitor for a workplace rival. As Lizzie and her best friends continue their search, she begins to realize that maybe what she’s really been looking for is someone who doesn’t want to change her. Someone who loves her just the way she is. And maybe that someone has been right beside her all along…

Every Version is part of the I Heart SapphFic Pride Collection, which contains eight standalone books from some of the top authors in sapphic fiction today. Each one promises a Pride theme and a happy ending. The collection was organized by I Heart SapphFic, which is a website for authors and readers of sapphic fiction to stay up to date on all the latest sapphic fiction news.4

My thoughts

I so want to go to a prom. The idea of getting dressed up in a gown and dancing under a disco ball sounds like so much fun. I keep saying that I am going to go to one of the queer proms I see advertised every year, yet I never go. One day.

I was so excited to read the premise of this story by Bryce Oakley. Prom. Having to find a date for it? Not so much (chuckle). I think everyone can relate to tweaking something about themselves for a potential date which makes Lizzie’s dilemma totally relatable. 

I actually thought the romance was going to go in one direction, when surprise it went in another. I was glad for the change too. 

Thank you to the Author for putting this book in #KindleUnlimited otherwise I could not have afford to read it. Thanks again!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Published by: 1 June 2022
Edited by: Amanda Laufhuttte
Narrated by:
Series: I Heart SapphFic Pride Collection #8
Settings: Denver, CO, U.S.
Pages: 121
Secondary Characters include: All of the Rainbow


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