Mini-Review: Of Iron and Gold by Lexa Luthor 

Princess Kinsey has been given four Alpha slaves, and she must choose one to impregnate her.

Aubrey, a She-Alpha, was sold into slavery at an early age due to her misunderstood “degenerate” nature. Trapped in the Tharnstone Castle, Aubrey has a chance to win her freedom, if she can show her Alpha’s worthiness and be chosen to impregnate the princess. But when she learns the Alpha will be forbidden to see the child, she considers the real cost of freedom.

Kinsey will one day be the Omega queen of her father’s kingdom, but first she must provide an heir for the House of Wymarc. All she must do is pick an Alpha, despite her aversion towards them. But she soon discovers there’s more to some Alphas, than the volatile, dull beasts she’s used to.

Now, the choice isn’t so simple.

My thoughts

Lexa Luthor is one of my must-read authors, which is why I didn’t read any of Luthor’s books last year (chuckle). It may sound weird, but I have to give other authors a chance to win my heart or all I would read are my faves. Now you know how I ended up reading a medieval historical romance when I would never pick up one on my own. I will confess to buying the book without even reading the synopsis, so it wasn’t until I was reading it that I said, “Oh shit…what did I get myself into?” (chuckle)

I love Aubrey and Kinsey’s story. It is dramatic and filled with patriarchal lording, but we do get a romance out of it in the end and that is all that counts. Luthor managed to hook me into a medieval historical book and liked it. This is not an easy feat. Kinsey is one of those great knights (hope I got my time reference right). She is strong, loyal, and even when down fights for others. I would have picked her hands down too.

Now I will say that there is some non-consent touching in the story because Luthor is writing about medieval times and Aubrey has g!p going on. There is also death, betrayal, and some fighting.

I was surprised by the number of grammatical, editing, and spelling errors. It doesn’t detract overall, but you will have to hit pause and reread a paragraph or two.

In the end, Of Iron and Gold is about love. Luthor has one me over to the medieval side…well at least for this series (chuckle).

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Published by: Luthor Publishing, 2020
Cover Design by: May Dawney of Dawney Designs
Edited by: RJ Creamer and Julia V.
Narrated by: Alexandria Wilde
Series: The Kingdoms of Gyldren #0.5
Settings: Coldhelm
Pages: 325


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