Review: Luring Out the Truth by Katy Pierce

When the spotlight falls on her, Allie Grecco has to shine…

Luring Out the Truth is book four of Katy Pierce’s Allie Grecco series. A blood-tingling thriller of one woman’s mission to find the truth—vigilante-style.

Daniel Bennett is in jail for a crime Allie hopes he didn’t commit, because even the thought of a guilty verdict is unbearable.

Now under direct orders from the mysterious General of Soldiers for Hire, Allie must help an amnesiac victim piece together the true story of what happened that night. As she races mentor Phoenix Moore’s competing investigation, the trail takes her deep undercover into a halfway home for runaway teenage girls—and into her own troubled past.

What she finds there will either clear Daniel’s name… or convict him for good.

No matter what, Allie will do whatever it takes to protect the girls still living in that shelter and lure out the truth. And in doing so, she’ll discover a friend’s dark secret she never saw coming.

My thoughts

I really like Allie Grecco. Katy Pierce has created a complicated character that struggles with her own survival while trying to save others.

“If Allie’s life had taught her anything, it was that nobody could be trusted.” Loc. 49

Pierce tackles mental health and homelessness in Luring Out. The barriers to life which homeless people face on a daily basis are brought to unflinching light in Grecco’s latest mystery. There is humor to offset the darkness from a new sidekick of Allie’s who I hope sticks around in future books.

The romance finally happens between Daniel and Allie. It is tame because Pierce focuses on the mystery. There is another mystery on the backburner which I talked about in a previous review regarding Daniel’s best friend and Allie’s partner. I have always thought there is something dark behind the humor and Allie uncovers some of it.

I do find some items of interest which could end up impacting Allie in the future and that is mainly concerning the General. Actions are taken and if they were really approved by him, then this could be a problem.

I guessed who the killer was from the first mention. I don’t know if it’s because I have watched a lot of Lifetime movies or not (chuckle). I did like the path to the truth anyway. Grecco and her crew keep me entertained and I can’t wait to read the next adventure.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Published by: April 30, 2022
Series: Allie Grecco #4; Settings: New York City, NY, U.S.
Pages: 278


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