Review: Pulling On the Thread by Katy Pierce

When trouble hits close to home, Allie Grecco hits harder…

After earning her spot on the back end of Soldiers for Hire, ex-Army Ranger Allie Grecco has finally found her true place in life… until she discovers that not all members are asked to uphold the same code of honor.

When her roommate’s father goes missing, leaving behind a bloody taxi cab and a strange trail of clues, Allie’s prepared to do whatever it takes to bring him home dead or alive. Even if it means disobeying her CO, Daniel Bennett, who makes the stakes crystal clear: go solo on this case, and lose your new pack of comrades. And this time, for good!

In a vigorous chase for the truth, Allie reveals secrets kept hidden for years. Secrets that shed light on the dark side of her friend’s family. Secrets that suggest a murder…

Allie’s ready to pull the thread and let the web of lies it surrounds unravel—forget the consequences. She’s got nothing left to lose.

Pulling On the Thread is book three of Katy Pierce’s Allie Grecco series. A page-turning thriller of one woman’s mission to find the truth—vigilante-style.

My thoughts

Katy Pierce gives us a really interesting mystery in Pulling On The Thread

Life starts to fall apart for Allie as one of her lives bleeds into her college persona. In the last book, Libby helped Allie track down a witness. This time around there is no hiding Phoenix, Daniel, or what Allie is like on a case. Never mind, Libby has secrets of her own to spill. 

This story fleshes out who Allie is perfectly as it mixes her vigilante beliefs and what she will do for her best friend. It also demonstrates what Daniel is willing to do to keep Allie in his life. I wish there had been more interaction between Phoenix and Allie because I love their relationship, but this tale focuses on Libby and Allie’s friendship.

I think the only odd thing for me in Pierce’s dialogue is why does Allie call Libby “babe” all of the time. People do say it casually every now and again, but not almost every sentence or in every meeting. It’s odd. I don’t think even people who date say it is as much Allie and Libby do to each other. I can say this because for most of my life my label was “lesbian” and yeah…we do not even do the “babe” as much. 

There are some red herrings in the story and they work. I like the mystery and I am not surprised at the ending of this mystery. Pulling On The Thread is a quick read. It picks right up off after the last mystery, but it can still be read as a standalone except you don’t really get all of the nuances of everyone’s relationship. The third book in the “Allie Grecco” series is good. 

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Books in the “Allie Grecco” series.

Further Details:

Published by: 12 March 2022
Series: Allie Grecco #3; Settings: New York City, NY, U.S.
Pages: 269


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