ARC Mini-Review: Grip of Fear by Sam J. Fires

In the blink of an eye, the world stopped.

Here’s my review of Grip of Fear written by Sam J. Fires. This is the first book in the “End of Days” series about a woman on the run to save her life in this post- apocalyptic EMP survival thriller.

No lights. No power. No help.

During the coldest winter on record, an EMP attack wipes out the nation’s power and cripples the country. As the city spirals into lawless chaos, investigative journalist, twenty-six-year-old Cassandra Drews is forced onto the dangerous streets of Portland to begin the long walk to her parents’ home in Oregon. 

But hypothermia and starvation aren’t the only dangers Cass and her rescue dog, Daisy, face on their perilous trek. Danger is stalking them, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Help comes in the form of troubled ex-marine Isaac Winters, who slips back into soldier mode with the city’s collapse. 

Now, the trio must work together in a fight for survival as they race to escape the city before violence, or the bitter wintry storm can claim them. Do they have what it takes to make it out alive? Or will they be crushed by the brutality of the unforgiving cold? 

Grip of Fear is the first book in this brand new post-apocalyptic EMP survival thriller. If you enjoy tales of ordinary folk thrown into harrowing situations, you’ll love the End of Days series!

My thoughts

Grip of Fear officially kicks off the “End of Days” series. Sam J. Fires gives a quick read into the dreaded unknown of living in a post-apocalyptic world that you are not sure what you are living through. We, readers, know the truth by reading the blurb, but our characters have no clue.

‘The End of Times.’ It was the thing her parents had always preached. When society would crumble, and people’s dependence on technology and society would be the downfall of humanity. Loc. 97

The prequel, Surviving Chaos, had more action in it than this story which I thought was surprising. There is a lot of carnage and mayhem in Fear, but the initial impact which happens in Chaos kept me on my toes and my heart racing. The groundwork of Isaac’s character is laid out for us. I love veterans and stories highlighting living with PTSD. Isaac is both. 

Cass’ eventful escape from her neighborhood continues, but luckily without as much violence coming to her. There is a villain in the piece and Isaac should have given them a beat down when they had a chance (chuckle). 

Fires has left a cliffhanger, but not an edge-of-your-seat one. I really like Cass and Daisy so I am looking forward to whatever Fires brings next.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Published by: Samuel Fires Publications, 5 May 2022
Cover Design by: Covers by Christian
Series: End of Days #1; Settings: Portland to Wilsonville, OR, U.S.
Pages: 117


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