ARC Review: Immortal Rising by Lynsay Sands

The Argeneaus are back! Filled with love, passion, and adventure, New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands returns with another sexy romance about everyone’s favorite immortals.

Here’s my review of Immortal Rising written by Lynsay Sands. This is a male/female paranormal romance with a little bit of sci-fi due to genetic engineering.

Stephanie McGill was attacked and turned when she was just a teenager. Worse, her abilities are unlike any other immortal. Now 13 years later, with the help of her adopted Argeneau family, Steph has carved out a new – if not lonely – life for herself. Until a new neighbor arrives…

Thorne is also one-of-a-kind. The result of a genetic experiment, he’s not an immortal, but he’s not mortal either. He’s looking for a place to hide, to get some peace and quiet so he can figure things out, and Stephanie’s sanctuary is perfect. In fact, Stephanie is perfect. For the first time, Thorne is free to be himself and he’s falling for her.

But if they’re going to have a future together, they’ll first need to deal with their past…because the mad scientist who created Thorne is now after Stephanie.13

Read an Excerpt here. Listen to an Audible sample here.

My thoughts

There is a little bit of everything in Immortal Rising

We get to meet villain Dressler’s biological son Thorne in Lynsay Sands latest Argeneau addition. He is an interesting mix of species, but the most obvious is the eagle. Raised amidst the other experiments, Thorne is a really nice guy due to his mother and nanny Maria. He is also a touch innocent or maybe the word I am looking for is pure. Even though horrible things have happened to him, and sacrifices have been made, his intent in life is good. He just wants to repay the love and loyalty that his mother and Maria have given him all of these years and sets out to do that – which is where we meet him.

We meet Stephanie first and I gotta say that I love her impressions of Thorne and that she says them aloud. This made for very humorous reading. Stephanie is complex as she was turned in a violent manner and ripped from her family. There is a lot of leftover residues from these actions. Then there is Stephanie’s ability which has everyone scared for a myriad of reasons. 

“Now that is the one complaint I would have with your books, dear. They’re very well written, and fast paced. The excitement pretty much jumps off the page at you, but you do have a tendency to cuss like a sailor,” Lady Elizabeth pointed out. Loc. 4426

Sands brings the heat with Thorne and Stephanie. I do kind of feel that it is not as much as usual, but I could be wrong. 

I love the Argeneau series because you are guaranteed battle scenes, humor, found family, heat, and of course love. We get to visit with past characters and see how their lives have moved forward. Lynsay Sands’ Argeneaus are an immediate must read and Immortal Rising is no different.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Published by: Avon, 26 April 2022

Cover Design by: Nadine Badalaty; Cover Illustration by Larry Ronstant; and Cover images are from Shutterstock.

Narrated by: Stacey Glemboski

Series: Argeneau #34; Settings: Canada

Pages: 400

Credits: Promo Photo by Andreas Barth on


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