Mini-Review: Love at Sunset by Pixie Chica



I have one little panic attack and everyone freaks out…okay maybe one in front of my employees. Big deal. I don’t believe it warrants them sending me on a mandatory vacation. Alas, I’m sent to the Florida Keys, on a two-week getaway. Determined to make the best of it, I head to one of the local hangouts. There I meet sexy as sin Lacey. Suddenly, two weeks off doesn’t sound so bad as long as the gorgeous brunette is part of it. 


My life is pretty awesome, all things considered. I live in paradise, with a job I enjoy. I’m not looking for love when the stunning blond strolls into my bar, but she turns my world upside down with one look. Fourteen days with a curvy goddess sounds like heaven on earth.

These two hit it off from the start, but what happens when their time together comes to an end?4

My thoughts

I love how Roni and Lacey meet. Pixie Chica makes walking into a bar sound like the sexiest thing ever.

The goddess sits on the stool directly in front of me, crossing one leg over the other, and asks with a hearty chuckle, “If you’re done ogling me, do you think I could get a sex on the beach?

Page 13.

Love at Sunset is all about steam…lots and lots of steam. I love it. Roni sets a playlist that Lacey just can’t help but get drunk on. (I made a playlist for this story of the songs Chica has listed.) There aren’t really any deep discussions as Roni doesn’t expect this to go beyond her vacation. Lacey on the other hand is all in. Love at Sunset is all about romance, sex, and…yup that’s about it. (chuckle)

This is a simple one-night-to-forever romance that you will need to escape with.  

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Published by: 979-8732638530, April 3rd 2021

Cover Design by: Pixie Chica

Edited by: Elizabeth Neal

Series: Unexpected Love #1; Settings: Key West, U.S.

Pages: 102

Credits: Photo by Nextvoyage on <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a>


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