ARC Review: Tell Me What You Want by Johana Gavez

A failed blind date turns into the start of an unexpected connection.

Since her divorce two years before, love hasn’t been in the cards for Olivia Fernández. She focuses on work, her children, and the occasional fleeting encounter that never becomes more. The last thing she wants for Valentine’s Day is to be set up on yet another date that will end with her bed warm but her heart as lonely as ever.

Canceling the date arranged by her nosy friends should be simple and the end of any interaction with Isabela Santamaría, CEO of Santamaría Media. Except, life insists on putting Isabela on Olivia’s path and she can’t deny her attraction and the easy connection they share.

Not falling for the woman she initially rejected becomes harder than expected the more time they spend together and explore their chemistry in bed. Will passion turn into love for Olivia and Isabela?

Tell Me What You Want is a steamy standalone novella in the Talk to Me series.

My thoughts

I love Johana Gavez covers. They do such a fantastic job with their covers. This one is completely different than the sports romance series they write and I love it.

I love BDSM written correctly and if you add some romance into it, I am a goner. Johana Gavez does just this and more in Tell Me What You Want, the first book in the “Talk To Me” series.

“(I) only stay if it feels right. If I really want it. Not only because it’s easier than being alone.”

Loc. 310
From Author’s Twitter page.

Olivia and Isabela are on fire together. There are no plans for forever, but fate (and Caleb) might have different ideas. Olivia is impressed with the strength Isabela exudes. Isabela loves Olivia’s open communication skills. Then Gavez throws in an overdose of chemistry and the steam is fogging up the windows in Isabela’s new apartment.

Olivia and Isabela both communicate their wants and desires to each other in a clear manner. The two kinks that are “focused” on are breath play and praise kink. Their desires are spoken about clearly. Safe words are given and agreed upon. I love how they communicate, explore, and change things up. The only thing that could really seal the deal for me is if they had a conversation about safe sex. It says right in the blurb that Olivia has the “occasional fleeting encounter” and Isabela is not a one lady person. A definite discussion should have happened especially since Isabela’s last relationship ended not that long before they got together.

Gavez incorporates Olivia’s family smoothly into this new relationship and Isabela is a respectful new partner. 

I really liked Tell Me What You Want. The bdsm is on point. The romance is cute. I like Olivia and Isabela together. I cannot wait to see where Gavez takes us next…she drops a huge clue in the story so be looking for it.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


 “As a Bookshop and Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

From the desk of Mx. Phoebe: (spoiler below, do not read if you do not want to know!)

13 April 2022: I woke this morning to a fabulous email from the author stating that they saw my notes here and made some changes to the dialogue to include safe words for both parties and a slight re-wording of how the fantasy scenes play out. Then sent they sent me snapshots of the changes. I commend Johana Gavez for being so open to tweaking the kink scenes to ensure that our kink community is represented in a safe and happy manner. I am doing my happy chair dance right now. Much love to everyone. Play safe!

There is a scene between Olivia and Isabela that pissed me off. Isabela tells Olivia that all she wants is to be dominated completely. She has never had that happen before. They make a bet and Olivia is all “I’m gonna win.” Then two weeks later when Olivia brings up the conversation, instead of Olivia looking out for Isabela first she has Isabela take care of her fantasy first. Selfish. If a partner had done that to me, I would have probably done their fantasy and that would have been it for me. I would be done because their actions just told me who they are. Then when it is Isabela’s time to receive, “stop” shouldn’t be the safe word. Olivia was very quick to give “Kebab” and her hand gestures meaning that Isabela needed to stop. The same caution should have been given to Isabela. I have other issues with the scene, but I am just going to breathe and remember this is fiction (chuckle). Just my two cents on these scenes. (Original posting on 11 April 2022)

Further Details:

Publisher: April 18th 2022

Cover Design by: Johana Gavez

Editor: Lara Zielinsky/LZ Edits; Proofread by Doreen Howard/WLW Editing

Series: Talk to Me #1; Settings: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.

Pages: 150

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