Fantasy Friday with Coven Trial by Kristen Kova

A new urban fantasy series with witches, fae, and slow burn f/f romance.

Meet Joy Mackenzie in this prequel to Coven of Magic

When poison spreads through the fountain in Joy Mackenzie’s hometown, it spells trouble for the fae, elves, and witches who live there. 

When one of her coven falls ill, Joy sets out to cleanse the fountain, armed with a crystal wand and stubborn determination. And not even the horror that dwells in the water will stop Joy from saving her witch sister. 

Coven Trial is a prequel to Coven of Magic, an urban fantasy series by Kristin Kova for readers who love regular women who kick ass and magic-packed stories full of heart and action.

My thoughts

I’m hooked! Kristin Kova has gathered a group of individuals that I want to know more about in Joy’s coven. I’m already trying to figure out who Joy’s future love interest is going to be…is it going to be the ex-girlfriend Quinn? Joy still gets along with her father so that shows potential. Plus when the going got tough in Coven Trial, Joy wanted Quinn’s arms around her.

Or will it be the feisty and perpetually angry Victoriya? I love this character. I know some would pick Maisie the fox because hello awesome origin story and cuteness factor. I happen to like some spice in my leading ladies and she would definitely balance Joy’s sweetness.

Kova has plenty of diversity with an almost non-white cast, rainbow characters, and Joy herself suffers from anxiety. 

The first mystery was a quickie and one that makes perfect sense. Hmmm…the villain in the Coven Trial could also work for a future love interest for Joy. Can’t wait to find out in the first book of the “Coven of Magic” series.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Get your copy of Coven Trial here.

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Further Details:

Series: Coven Of Magic 0.5; Settings: Agedale

SC: Non-White, Trans


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