Review: Snow on the Range by Sofia Aves

Every Christmas, Red Hart Ranch opens their doors to anyone lonely, and Montana provides the perfect backdrop for good company and better food. But this year, the table won’t be as full.

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Eve Beaumont is a twin heir to Red Hart Ranch. The heart of the family, she loves the land, loves the people, and will do anything for them. Christmas sees most of the ranch hands return to their own homes to celebrate. Only a few long term cowboys remain with the family.

When Eve and her brother Trav go into town to collect supplies, they each bring home a drifter for Christmas. Rhys Archer and Simon Heldon are as different as two cowpokes can be. One a handsome, rough edged carver who can work the land and animals with a firm hand; the other a smooth-talking horseman with a devilish charm. Eve finds herself attracted to both men, but when tragedy hits the ranch, romance is the last thing on her mind.

Accidents happen around the ranch, and Eve isn’t sure who she can trust. She knows neither man is who he pretends to be — but when no one listens to her, she needs to prove her suspicions on her own.

Snow on the Range is a white Christmas story set in a small town along the Montana border into Canada. It is book one of Red Hart Ranch. 4

My thoughts

I did not know where this romantic suspense was going, but Sofia Aves leads us on a merry chase. 

I do want to give a heads up as there is a tough event involving abuse and it’s harsh. Plus a person who does not understand the word “No” who continues their advances. There is also a secondary character’s death.  I don’t want anyone to get triggered.

With that said, this is an instant attraction to slow-burn western romance. I love that Eve is the main handler on the ranch even though she has a twin brother. She is just as involved as the manager and her family. Gotta love a strong leading lady. 

Then Aves adds in an intriguing new cowboy who has some mystery surrounding him and it is all yummy. There isn’t a heavy sentiment about Christmas, even though this story takes place over this time frame. There is the meal, but Aves concentrates on who we make and choose as our family. I prefer this sentiment over any other at this time of year or anytime during the year.

I liked the mystery, romance, and the steam. I cannot wait to read the other characters’ stories because they are just too good to not get their own tale. 

Thank you to the Author for putting this book in #KindleUnlimited otherwise I could not have afford to read it. Thanks again!

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Further Details:

Publisher: Little Quail Press, 978-1922448118, December 1st 2020

Editor: A. Strom – Edits with a Coffee Addict


Series: Red Hart Ranch #1; Settings: Montana, U.S.

Pages: 212


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