ARC Review: Shake Things Up by Skye Kilaen

Three people, one road trip, and so many queer feelings. A polyamorous romance about changing your life.

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Allie and Matt’s happy open relationship means they’re both free to find hookups. When Allie gets duped by a date, though, she’s found with someone else’s cheating boyfriend. Ugh!

Meeting Noelle by helping her leave the guy isn’t the night Allie expected, but after the women bond over drinks and a seriously dysfunctional tape gun, Allie’s hesitant to say goodbye. It’s weird; she doesn’t normally like-like people who aren’t Matt.

Matt’s questioning whether he’s entirely straight, and he hopes to find answers on his and Allie’s impending road trip. But he’s cool with bringing her new maybe-crush along, especially since he and Noelle keep finding things in common. And staring into each other’s eyes.

Noelle lost her demanding job right before her boyfriend cheated, and she’s looking for the next one—preferably back home. Allie’s fumbling charm and Matt’s flirtatious humor, however, make her wonder if her life compass needs fixing.

Late-night talks on Texas highways, first kisses, and hotel confessions might change a lot… if if there’s a next step for Noelle that isn’t leaving.

A high-heat contemporary romance novel with a polyamorous HFN involving F/F and queer M/F relationships. F/F and M/M love scenes on page.

My thoughts

I love the communication between Matt and Allie in Shake Things Up. This story is a great example of what polyamory should look like. 

Once again Skye Kilaen tackles a subject that confounds people and is frowned upon by people even within the rainbow community. Allie, the younger sister in Get It Right, is highlighted in this romance story. Allie who is pansexual starts to fall in love with Noelle who is bisexual. They have the best first-meet I have ever read. I was like, “Oh man! Ouch.” They meet during a very stressful time for Noelle.

Then Kilaen adds in Matt’s sexual identity journey. The struggle is real for those who are truly allied and all of sudden realize they might be part of the choir. I love reading his story amidst trying to be a good partner for Noelle who is struggling herself. 

Once again, I praise Kilaen for safe sex, this time between Matt and his date. Yes, you need a condom for a blow job, thank you Kilaen for showcasing how natural this can happen. I wish dental dams had been in play for Noelle and Allie, especially since Kilaen has Allie being a sexually active person.

I am going to give a spoiler here, but I am so happy that everyone keeps their polyamory status quo even after the love story gets its happily ever after. This is true poly and I am so happy to see it here.

Grab your queso and chips because I got so hungry on this road trip. Kilaen’s description of the foods made me so hungry. I plan my trips on food I want to eat too so I could totally relate. 

Road tripping, sex, food, and romance fill the pages of Shake Things Up. If this is what it means to shake things up, then I want more please.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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Books in the “Love at Knockdown” series.

Further Details:

Publisher: March 22, 2022

Cover Design:



Series: Love at Knockdown #2; Settings: Austin, TX to CO, U.S.

Pages: 233

SC: Non-white, gay, bisexual


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