Series Review: Dr. Susan’s Reign by Katerina Degratte (Books 1-3)

When a mad scientist swipes her chatty pet, she’ll claw her way through any danger to get her back…

Dr. Susan’s Reign (Cat Johnson Chronicles #1)

Cat Johnson just wants a quiet life. Living paycheck to paycheck, the soft-spoken game-store clerk prefers to spend her nights home alone in the company of her sassy, talking kitty, Maori. But when a beautiful woman lures her out on a date, she’s devastated to discover it was a ruse to abduct her beloved feline friend.

Forcing the duplicitous dame to show her where Maori was taken, Cat races to a secret research lab to rescue her bestie. But she’s horrified when her snarky pal has been transformed into a giant killing machine.

Can Cat free Maori from a terrifying fate?

Dr. Susan’s Reign is the electrifying first book in the Cat Johnson Chronicles LGBTQ science fiction series. If you like strong female characters, sarcastic four-footed heroines, and non-stop action, then you’ll love Katerina Degratte’s meowsome tale.

The Ones You Love #2

Cat Johnson needs a break. With her former lover dead and her beloved pet giant-sized, the beleaguered game-store clerk desperately seeks some way to return to normal life. But with her special-needs brother moving in and an old enemy looking to eliminate her, the geek-girl’s stressors might just be fatal.

Forced to meet with a man she knows she can’t trust, Cat chases down leads to undoing the genetic manipulation of her feline friend. But when her sibling starts acting suspiciously and someone tries to kill her, the sharp-witted woman finds herself at the center of a sinister conspiracy.

Can Cat unravel a murderous mystery before she’s clawed to ribbons?

The Ones You Love is the exciting second book in the Cat Johnson Chronicles LGTBQ science fiction series. If you like determined heroines, gargantuan kitties, and page-turning thrills, then you’ll love Katerina Degratte’s rip-roaring read.

A Cat-tastrophy #3

Cat Johnson didn’t want her name to be literal. After the strange experiments at Dr. Susan’s lab left the weary game-store clerk a human-feline hybrid, she’s desperate for the damage to be undone. But when she discovers the amoral shapeshifter who impersonated her brother is now working with the scientist purporting to help, the frightened young woman doesn’t know whom she can trust.

Missing her giant, talking tuxedo kitty, Cat yearns for life to somehow return to normal. But when she uncovers a plot to resurrect the treacherous Dr. Susan, she fears she’ll never claw free from her former lover’s sinister machinations.

Surrounded by enemies, can the mutated girl reclaim her life … or her humanity?

A Cat-tastrophy is the thrilling third book in the Cat Johnson Chronicles LGBTQ science fiction series. If you like determined female leads, scheming madmen, and plenty of feline fraternization, then you’ll love Katerina Degratte’s paw-some tale

My thoughts

Cat Johnson turns into so much more by book three and I like it.

Katerina Degratte has no problem killing characters off so don’t get too attached. There are mini-mysteries buried within the action of the stories. Cat is a lesbian who has no problem setting people straight while saving kitties. There is a potential romantic interest introduced in Dr. Susan’s Reign, but that is put on the back burner in the follow-up books in this series set.

There are a plethora of characters introduced who all have their own motives and none of them seem good or are in Cat’s favor. I don’t have a favorite, except maybe with the potential that Ace has. They have a great sense of humor, but it is usually at Cat’s expense.

There are quite a few spelling and grammar issues in the set. 

Degratte gives us lots of action and intrigue in the Cat Johnson Chronicles. In A Cat-tastrophy there are plenty of easter eggs. Lots of mysteries and unanswered questions left after book three. I think my favorite of the three books is The Ones You Love as it is all about family and what you will do to save the ones you love.

The Cat Johnson Chronicles has action, death, betrayals, and possibilities. It will be interesting to see where Degratte takes us from here.

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Books in the Cat Johnson Chronicles.

Further Details:

Publisher: 979-8467892672, September 1st 2021

Cover Design:



Series: Cat Johnson Chronicles #1-3

Pages: 126

SC: Bisexual, Non-Binary

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