Mini-Review: Fighting Through The Pain by Katy Pierce

Allie Grecco is still living a double life. Thoughtful friend, office drone, and girly college student by day, she becomes New York’s deadliest hunter by night, tracking down scumbags too slippery for the law.

Even a lone wolf needs a pack, and for the first time in a long while, loner Allie has finally found a pack that appreciates her for who she is. Her new ex-military comrades—especially her boss at Soldiers for Hire—know she’s a born hunter. And she’s hungry for her next prey.

Missing students from all over town are resurfacing beaten down, broken, or dead. The only one who shows the slightest interest is a college mental health counselor—until she’s murdered outside her home. When it’s clear the cops aren’t going to find the shooter, Allie’s instructed to look into the case from the shadows of the back-end operation.

A university’s perfect façade begins to crumble as the search for truth unearths more questions than answers. Allie fights through the web of lies and deception… only to discover there’s a target on her back, too.

One thing is clear: If she doesn’t get to the bottom of it, another girl will die.

Fighting Through The Pain is book two of Katy Pierce’s Allie Grecco series. A blood-tingling story of one woman’s mission to serve justice—vigilante-style.

My thoughts

I really wish Katy Pierce would credit their cover designer because I thought the first book cover of this series was good. This one I really like. The creepiness of the story shines through in this cover. To whomever the designer is: Kudos!!

I think Allie Grecco is my new crush. I was starting to think this in the first book, but this sequel has sealed the deal. Katy Pierce has created a heroine to root for. Grecco is a military veteran who is suffering from PTSD. She has inner demons and it is not just the rape that happened in the military. Grecco’s PTSD is layered which makes her character’s responses interesting. 

Now I have to say that I wish Phoenix and Grecco had a come to J meeting because this case obviously triggered Phoenix and that conversation would have made sense in this story rather than waiting for another time. I actually didn’t guess who the killers were until a conversation the killer has in the story. Then I made the connection. There are a couple of techniques I would have done which probably would have shown who the killer was sooner, but I wasn’t investigating the case (chuckle).

Pierce gives us a solid mystery with a fantastic sleuth at the helm. I really like Phoenix as her partner. The ending is a humdinger for sure. I cannot wait to see how everything plays out in the next book.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.




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Books in the “Allie Grecco” series.

Further Details:

Publisher: February 17th 2022

Series: Allie Grecco Series Book 2; Settings: New York, U.S.


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