Mini-Review: A Cat-tastrophy by Katerina Degratte

Surrounded by enemies, can the mutated girl reclaim her life … or her humanity?

Cat Johnson didn’t want her name to be literal. After the strange experiments at Dr. Susan’s lab left the weary game-store clerk a human-feline hybrid, she’s desperate for the damage to be undone. But when she discovers the amoral shapeshifter who impersonated her brother is now working with the scientist purporting to help, the frightened young woman doesn’t know whom she can trust.

Missing her giant, talking tuxedo kitty, Cat yearns for life to somehow return to normal. But when she uncovers a plot to resurrect the treacherous Dr. Susan, she fears she’ll never claw free from her former lover’s sinister machinations.

Surrounded by enemies, can the mutated girl reclaim her life … or her humanity?

A Cat-tastrophy is the thrilling third book in the Cat Johnson Chronicles LGBTQ science fiction series. If you like determined female leads, scheming madmen, and plenty of feline fraternization, then you’ll love Katerina Degratte’s paw-some tale

My thoughts

This is my favorite cover so far in the series. I love the cat ears and of course Cat’s blue hair. No credit is given to the artist, so let me just say, ‘Thank you. I love the cover!”

A Cat-tastrophy feels more like it is a setup book for the next book. Katerina Degratte lays all kinds of easter eggs among the spider’s lunch. There are no additional bad guys unless you want to look at Cat’s employers as a villain too. (I do.)

I am curious about Ace’s relationship with Cat. I find them intriguing and added with Cat there seems to be chemistry that usually isn’t there with a lesbian. Ace usually shapeshifts into male specimens versus female ones, so colored me intrigued.

There are spelling issues in this book too, but the story is decent enough to keep you engaged so they are not obnoxious. Raven and Cat’s potential romance seems to have been moved to the back burner. This could be because Raven is going to die soon as Degratte has no problem killing characters off.

There is lots of drama going on so it will be interesting to see how Degratte ends Cat’s story. Action. Large and small kitties. A really cute shape-shifting Cat. A potential romance between Cat and Raven. Death. Revenge. It’s all here. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Books in the “Cat Johnson Chronicles“.

Further Details:

Publisher: September 1st 2021

Cover Design:



Series: Cat Johnson Chronicles #3

Pages: 128


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