Review: Once Upon An Apocalypse Anthology

A Guide to surviving the End of the World… and Christmas.

Cover Design: Matt Seff Barnes
Photo from Nic Roads

Welcome to the first edition of Once Upon an Apocalypse, a festive collection of stories, articles, competitions, and more by Bestselling Authors. Connect with your favorite doomsday writer, meet new ones, check out their book promotions, and just hang out. We’ve got you covered with a variety of fantastical tales to keep you entertained and help you survive the silly season. Welcome to the dark side of Christmas.

Authors include Baileigh Higgins, Stephanie Mylchreest, Christopher Artinian, D.L. Martone, Kate L. Mary, Misty Zaugg, Kyla Stone, TL Payne, Jon Cronshaw, Chris Philbrook, Jaime Hernandez, David Simpson, Scott M. Baker, EE Isherwood, Nic Roads, Rich Restucci, Ryan Schow, Hadley Thorne, Allen Gamboa, Sylvester Barzey, and Bethany Stutsman.

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse an article by Rich Restucci

My thoughts

Rich Restucci writes the best letter to the reader to help them prepare themselves in the event of an apocalypse. Have you tested whether your four-year-old can run far and how much can they carry on their back while doing so? Do you have multiple escape routes? Medicine? What can you realistically carry? Restucci gives us a sittin’ down before the damage is done. Take a deep breath and be prepared to realize that yeah, you’re gonna die because you are not prepared at all. (chuckle)

Restucci also includes in this anthology their short story Antithesis and 9/10ths.

Jangle by Nic Roads

The world crumbled to dust a year ago. But for the survivors, the worst is yet to come.

Photo from Goodreads

The Jangle started on Christmas Eve. A horrific worldwide earthquake that cascaded around the globe, and never stopped.

Now, twelve months later, there’s almost nothing left of civilization. For the few hardscrabble individuals left roaming the trembling, devastated wastelands, every day is a desperate fight for survival.

Huey, who lost everything on that first, terrible night, bears a harsh secret: he knows that there’s only a day or two left until all of humanity’s hope is extinguished, and the Earth’s constant quaking triggers the disaster to end all disasters. Faced with a looming cataclysm that dwarfs every horror he’s seen to date, how will Huey and his friends celebrate their last day, knowing that their minutes are counted?

Jangle is a short post-apocalyptic survival thriller by Nic Roads, the author of Dom of the Dead and Better Dead than Red. 4

My thoughts

A doll-making apocalypse is a premise I have never read before. I have to agree with Bill that it seems awfully suspicious to me too. Nic Roads somehow balances the darkness of the memory of a child’s death with mundane survival in a non-stop post-apocalyptic world. I felt as if I was right there kneeling in the ash listening to Bill as Huey’s thoughts flowed. Roads has a talent of quickly immersing you into his world. I have to once again agree with Bill, I thought it would be zombies too.

Nic Roads also includes an excerpt from Zillionaire: Zombie Apocalyptic Survival for the Rich and Famous.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.





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Further Details for Jangle:

Publisher: January 29th 2022

Settings: Grand Junction, CA



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