Review: Justice/Loneliness by L.C. Mawson

Peace was all well and good, but what was it truly worth without freedom?

Ever since the Aspect of Love had learned how to control the creatures that roamed the Wastelands, the Aspects hadn’t been in any real danger. Love had been so worried about her life as an Aspect leading to her death, she was more than happy with that peace.

But when the Aspect of Loneliness falls pregnant, those who run the Aspect Program want to exercise the same control as ever: to stop any Aspect from being compromised.

With no threat, Love doesn’t see why Loneliness has to give up her child, so she strikes a deal with those in charge: the Aspects will be allowed their freedom if they can reclaim an entire city from the creatures.

But when Love’s powers start to fail, what originally seems like a simple task may be more dangerous than anticipated. Especially when a strange, masked woman starts appearing, with the same powers as Love.

Justice/Loneliness is the second book in the Aspects YA sci-fi series.5

My thoughts

Let’s catch up. When we saw Love and Hate last, they had agreed to move forward in their relationship. They battled an alien intent on killing Love and her sister Empathy because they are a direct descendant to the throne on an alien planet. Love and Hate’s power amplifies due to their relationship. Now this sounds very adult right? Love is just sixteen years old.

In Justice/Loneliness L.C. Mawson takes us out of the Aspects comfort zone and into a new city to fight to live their lives their way. I love it. I didn’t even think of an aspect of Justice and Loneliness relationship until Loneliness gets pregnant. Someone said exactly what I thought: wrap it up folks. (chuckle) Putting Loneliness in this situation though emphasizes that the Aspects lives are not their own and neither are their choices. Love comes up with an interesting solution that brings out more emotions than expected from everyone.

“No one is going to let go of a lie when believing that lie benefits them.”

Hate to Love, Loc. 5517

I will confess that I thought this was just going to be Justice and Loneliness’ story, but the voice is still Claire aka Love’s voice. I read Love/Hate a year ago and while I remembered some things about the storyline, I didn’t remember the pertinent details. I would suggest the Author add a recap at the beginning such as a log entry by Empathy. Mawson does recap what happened, but it is pieced throughout the book.

Once again, Mawson gives us a book filled with diversity. Justice is a dark skinned transwoman. Loneliness is neurodiverse. Our voice of their story is neurodiverse too. Love’s girlfriend has ADHD. Most of the secondary characters are non-white. Having diversity in a book about superheroes is amazing. Love this.

Justice/Loneliness has battles, but it is mainly about the fight for self. I love this series.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 “As a Bookshop and Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Further Details:

Publisher: 978-1393427209, 11 November 2017

Series: Aspects #2; Settings: London (this what the city used to be named)

Pages: 199

SC: Non-white, Neurodiverse


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