Review: Jackpot by Cade Haddock Strong

Everyone fantasizes about winning the big jackpot, but what if you actually won…


Ty MacIntyre’s life changes the instant she wins the lottery. People are after her winning ticket and she’s not sure who to trust. She’s been given the gift of wealth. Will she use it to get her life back on track or will that prove easier said than done?

Karla Rehn is forced to walk away from her dream of being on the US Ski Team. She’s angry at the world—especially herself. A trail of reckless behavior threatens to derail her plans to earn a college degree and become a nurse.

Ty is drawn to Karla the moment the two women meet. Can they guide each other through the obstacles that life has thrown their way?13

My thoughts

I am going to give a spoiler alert because I would have liked one (chuckle). There is non-romantic good sex in this story and not betweeen Ty and Karla. Matter of fact for at least half of the book one of the main characters is actually partnered with someone else. I think this is a huge spoiler, but a necessary one if you are looking for a straight romance (evil chuckle). I would not have chosen to read this book if I had known because I like the unrealistic idea of one woman to one woman, but then…I would have missed out on a good fiction story.

Cade Haddock Strong tackles what happens after the glory in this sports tale. Karla has spent her entire life skiing, training to ski, eating to ski, curbing her entire life to ski. Then she does not make it to the U.S. Ski Team. That’s okay because there is a backup plan as she is going to go to college and ski for them. Then in an instant all of that changes. What happens after you can’t compete anymore? I love sports and the dedication and training that goes into any sport. I kind of relate to the feelings Karla has as I am disabled Veteran who used to do biathlons. Strong nails the emotions and frustrations that Karla experiences. I love her personal growth story.

Then on the flip side we have a young woman who has gone through some trying times to suddenly win the lottery for lots of money. Ty goes through her own journey, but it is not as dramatic as Karla’s. I do have to say that I absolutely love her ski house and would live in it full-time, forget that “it’s only a ski house”. Holy sugar Strong’s description had me ready to make a deal with the devil to live there too. 

The supporting characters are fantastic. I would love to read Sarah’s story. I can already picture the opportunity especially if she gets the promotion. Never mind she is like the best friend a girl could have – especially she didn’t once ask for anything after Ty won the lottery. She still insisted on paying her own way. You go girl. Love her. Val and Theresa are like the couple you want to find if you ever move because they can throw a party. 

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“As a Bookshop and Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

From Mx. Phoebe’s Desk:

Okay I totally think Keats and Dana slept together. Dana hates her at the bar meeting and then the next time everyone gets together they are cooking side by side?! Plus getting along? Hmmm…sounded way fishy to me. Just saying.

Further Details:

Publisher: Bella Books, 9781594936098, 1 December 2020

Settings: Jackson WY, Asheville, NC, Denver and Steamboat, CO, U.S.

Pages: 262

Sex: Gay, Lesbian


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