Review: Revelations by Mary Eicher

Cover Design: Natasha Snow

The moment is rapidly approaching when humanity must choose its future. What appears a simple choice between love and fear is complicated by the desires of two opposing cosmic forces. Artemis Andronikos rushes to discover a message the ancients left in stone ruins around the Earth. Aided by her partner Lucy and the rogue astrophysicist Wolfgang Strang, Artemis assembles a team of brilliant young scientists to decode when, where, and how the choice is to be made.

Convincing the former Harbinger children to grow beyond their Ivy League training and listen to their inner voices is the first step. Preparing them to accept a new version of reality proves more difficult. And Artemis must deal with an existential threat of her own; one that could separate her from her soulmate for eternity.

Theories of consciousness and philosophy battle as the cosmos bears down. How does one select a future when everything one has been taught is wrong? When knowledge fails, only the gods of one’s own heart remain.5

Warning: Scenes of violence and death, animal death, death of a child, death of a secondary character

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My thoughts

There is a reason why Artemis won the “Best Walk-On” award in 2020, holy sugar she is hot. She is so many other things, but let’s be honest when she walks towards you it is like Wolf says, you notice. (chuckle)

When you read a Mary Eicher book you get so much more than “just” a science fiction book or just a book with mythology in it. Revelations covers so much territory; I hope I do it justice. First let me say, I loved this book, and it is due to it hitting so many different levels of story writing. Now to say what I want to say without giving away any spoilers (chuckle). Let’s see how I do….

Usually when I read a story an author will include one mythological idea, but Eicher introduces us to many cultures and it makes sense to the overall theme of Revelations. This is not done in an overwhelming way, but in a fluid way. It reminds me of how the history of America used to be taught with the “melting pot theory”. That concept kept going through my mind as I was reading the connections Eicher made to explain the basis of “The Artemis Series.” I love learning about different histories and stories.

This does not mean that Revelations is just a retelling of mythologies – oh no. Eicher gives us action, betrayal, comedy, and yes there is some romance thrown in. We get to see Artemis and Lucy a decade into their relationship and glimpses into why Artemis is here to begin with and damn it is sweet. The twist on all of this even has Artemis saying, “WHAT?!” Yeah, Eicher throws in a humdinger. 

Eicher adds in an interesting secondary cast of characters. We get to hear their voices too which helps to explain the actions taken by some of them. Our favorite astrophysicist is back and I just love his inclusion in this group.

The only suggestion I have is something I talk about often in my reviews: the recap. I think Eicher should have included a journal entry of Wolf’s or a newspaper article clipping recapping the events of The Harbinger. If I hadn’t reread Perceptions, the second book in the series, in preparation for reading Revelations I would have struggled to place everyone and remember exactly what happened. For some reason, I can recall Harbinger easily and Perceptions was kind of a blur hence the reread. Revelations is not heavily dependent on the first two books, but the backstory is important in my opinion. 

What makes Revelations a great read is the diversity of the cast, the issues, and the overall dilemma. It is a familiar trope when you realize what the battle really comes down to, but Eicher presents it to us in a delectable package of Artemis and Lucy. I also think though that the relationships Artemis has with others is a huge part of this book. Family. Family can be such an interesting dynamic in any story and Eicher takes advantage of the drama that they can bring.

Eicher writes intelligent fiction that engages the mind and makes you ask yourself the same questions. Revelations is a wonderful mix of cultures, personalities, and possibilities even if they may be gloom and doom. I think there is potential for more of Artemis and her team as the world always needs saving. Plus, one can never tire of this Goddess. Luckily for you Revelations can be read as a standalone, but I really recommend reading the first two books in the series as that will flesh out this story and bring out all of its nuances. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Publisher: NineStar Press, 978-1648902543., April 5th 2021

Series: The Artemis Series Book 3

Settings: California, U.S.; Easter Island

Pages: 268

SC: Asperger


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