Review: And Then She Kissed Me by Harper Bliss

When a trip down memory lane sparks an unexpected journey to love…

Cover Design: Caroline Manchoulas

TV cop Sadie Ireland needs a break from her Hollywood life. She heads home to the beach town where she grew up to celebrate her 40th birthday with her family. 

Devon Douglas can’t believe it when she comes face-to-face with Sadie again. They were insperable in high school until Devon did something she has regretted for more than twenty years—she ruined their friendship on a love-struck whim.

Sadie is as dazzling as Devon remembers—and she can still hold her own surfing the wild waves of Clearwater Bay.

Devon’s first priority is her five-year-old son, but getting to know Sadie all over again is taking up more and more of her headspace.

Sadie is inexplicably drawn to Devon. It could be nostalgia. It could be remnants of their old friendship flaring up. But what if it’s more than that?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss brings you a steamy, big-hearted romance about two women who used to be best friends, until a teenage crush destroyed it all.13

My thoughts

There is a disconnect for me in the romance between Sadie and Devon in And Then She Kissed Me. To be honest, there has been a lack of depth of emotion for me in Harper Bliss’s romances since A Breathless Place. Bliss wrote three (really five) back-to-back phenomenal books with such emotional and personal stakes for Bliss (according to each book’s Author’s Notes) that I think Bliss is taking a breather from the heaviness of her own thoughts. This for me is being represented in the lack of true connection between the characters.

In And Then She Kissed Me I don’t really feel why Sadie feels why she needs to kiss Devon. There is no lead up. No thoughts of chemistry. No deep feelings leading up to the kiss. I felt nothing in their first kiss or any kiss thereafter. I felt more from Devon than from Sadie who is the lead in their relationship. 

I love Harper Bliss as one can read in my previous reviews and my selecting her books for Best Books of the Year. I just think that the emotional investment and sharing done in the Two Hearts Trilogy and A Breathless Place made Bliss want to offer readers a lighter fare, but I really connected with the characters in these books and That Woman Next Door

The romance in And Then She Kissed Me is one of redemption and second chances. Bliss gives Devon the opportunity to live all of her girlhood dreams with her best friend Sadie. Bliss gives us first kisses, comfortable laughs, and heat. The supporting cast is funny and there are mentions of characters from previous books.

And Then She Kissed Me is a second chance romance for those who crushed on their best friend in high school and always wanted to get the girl.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Publisher: Ladylit Publishing, 978-9464339123, January 23, 2022

Editor: Cheyenne Blue; Proofreader: Claire Jarrett


Settings: Clearwater Bay, CA, U.S.

Pages: 302

SC: Gay, Poly, Pansexual, Faye Fleming, Ida Burton


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