ARC Review: Bluebird At My Window by H. Noah

When faced with trauma, how would you react?

Cover Design: Franziska Stern

Would you survive, succumb, or lose yourself to your own meaning of justice?

Ann was only seventeen when she died. She tried to be a dutiful daughter, to pray, to repent. But it wasn’t enough. Her mother, Diane, didn’t mean to kill her but when she found Ann consorting with devils, she had no choice. She believed the angels—that in the end, the water would save them both.

But every choice holds weight.

One death, and Arthur is thrown back into the work he wanted to leave. One death, and Richard must face the reality of his choices. One death, and Maddie and Marie are confronted with the hardest parts of love.

If only good intentions were enough to keep them from the carnage of their own decisions . . .

A dark contemporary fiction drenched in blood, this debut novel from H. Noah has an intricate true crime feeling with psychological depth.

Content Warning

The following book centers around processing trauma. Please be aware that it will touch upon such topics as violence, sexual assault (not overly descriptive), racism, microaggressions, misogyny, incest, and homophobia. This book also focuses on mental health and will cover depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal ideation, hearing voices, religious fixations, delusions, self-harm, and drug abuse.

This book is dark due to the topics covered. This is not a horror or thriller meant to scare you. Please be kind to yourself and put the book back if you are not in a good place to read any of the things mentioned above.

My thoughts

Let me just say that I should have read the content warning BEFORE reading the book. Smh Seriously, I copy and pasted all of the information to format the review, but didn’t bother to read it and then read the book. Yeah, it would have been a nice heads up as I thought the book was going in one direction and then it took a hard left. Smh 

Bluebird At My Window is…just wow. It is dark. Deep in the trenches of dark emotions and mental illness you will wallow. Breathing is in short pants. And windows close as you look feverishly for that stupid bird to bring you some light. Seriously dark stuff here folks. Dark and delicious. 

H. Noah is…I have no words at the moment. The story started around Arthur’s journey and grew from there according to the Author. Arthur’s story alone is enough to make you feel for every prosecutor out there. I was right there with Arthur during Ann’s case and beyond. Then add in the diversity of characters and points of views and just…damn. I know this isn’t a helpful review, but seriously Noah’s writing is really good.

Noah evokes all of the emotions that people feel when a trauma happens, even when they are only on the edges of it. Then adds another trauma that everyone feels. All the while continuing the ongoing story of the first trauma. Noah showcases how mental health is dealt with in the criminal justice system and how it is dealt with in society and families. What people will do to save themselves and to save others. The people we drag down into our quagmire of emotions so that they end up with just as many scars. Noah writes bares all of this to readers and it hurts in such a good way.

The individual stories alone are absorbing, but put them together and you have Bluebird At My Window – a phenomenal jump into the deep end of trauma fiction.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 “As a Bookshop and Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Further Details:

Publisher: 9780578998596, February 15th 2022

Editor: Brenna Bailey-Davies

Settings: Portland, ME, U.S.

Pages: 394


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