ARC Review: In Vineyard Veritas by Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid

In wine, truth. In vineyard… mystery.

Cover Design: Clancy Nacht


Local police summon retired CTO Geraldine Thorn from her Austin lake house to Kitsch, Texas, the small town where she grew up, when her beloved Aunt Tilda is found dead at her vineyard home, presumably from a slip in the bath. Upon arrival, Gerry discovers Tilda’s eclectic group of friends—including a much, much younger lover—and rivals. When they realize Tilda’s slip wasn’t an accident, Gerry enlists the help of a handsome Texas Ranger with secrets of his own.

Read an Excerpt here.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed In Vineyard Veritas. I am already trying to figure out how this can be a series because I love the secondary characters as much as Gerry. I want to see how some flirtations work out…look at me getting ahead of myself.

Gerry is a fun character who is investigating her Aunt’s death who seems to be just as interesting. Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid have created a town of suspects that make life hopping for Gerry. Kitsch maybe small, but Gerry grew up there so there is plenty of history. I love the connections with the past and the new ties that Gerry makes.

“How’m I s’posed to arrest this guy without my hat?

“You want me to stick my head out the window and shout, ‘whee-oo, whee-oo’ until he pulls over?”

Loc. 1594, In Vineyard Veritas by Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid

The mystery is a solid one. I kind of guessed the killer, but not the motive. The path to the truth is full of red herrings, but all are possible killers. Nacht and Euclid keep us on our toes.

You will notice that this is labeled as a LGBT Fiction, but the rainbow world is a subtle one. It is blended smoothly into the lives of everyone which I love – this is how life should be. There is some homophobia in it, but that is true in real life as well. 

I see so many potential mysteries that can happen with the secondary characters. Never mind, the drama that is still going on in Gerry’s life. I really hope that Nacht and Euclid make this a series. In Vineyard Veritas was an absorbing, quick, and fun read. I loved the characters, mystery, and the slow-burn flirtation. I want more…pretty please.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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Further Details:

Publisher: Eine Kleine Press, January 21, 2022

Editor: Nic Kelly

Series: Hopefully; Settings: Kitsch, Texas

Pages: 206

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