Review: Meteors and Menorahs by Nessa Claugh 

Your dad invited your ex-boyfriend. Already committed to going home for Hanukkah, Leah panics at her mother’s text and invites her crush to come with her. The catch? They aren’t dating. The other catch? He isn’t Jewish. He isn’t even human.

Knar has been studying the physiology of humans for years in preparation to introduce Earth to the rest of the galaxy and present them as a species that can adapt to change well. Although he believes in his mission, he’s also had his eye on his coworker Leah, and her invitation to come home with her for the holidays is just the opportunity he’s been looking for.

Going home for Hanukkah is normally the least of Leah’s worries until her mom lets it slip that her dad invited her ex-boyfriend. Desperate to keep him at arm’s length, Leah invites her handsome coworker Kenneth Knar to be a buffer against her family. Having to pretend he’s her new boyfriend doesn’t hurt, and if it annoys her parents, all the better.

He just has to find some way to tell her that he’s more than just a gentile. He’s not even from this planet. And Leah hates liars.

The menorah isn’t the only thing getting hot this holiday season…13

My thoughts

Food. (sigh) Lots of food. The way to an alien’s heart is through food. There is no difference between humans and aliens, the way to a heart is through a stomach no matter where it is located (chuckle).

Nessa Claugh writes a sweet holiday romance that just happens to include an alien. The alien heritage, to me, is really the sub-story. The main story is about family and how everyone has to move on when one relationship does not work out. 

Leah’s parents have always thought she would end up with David, her ex-boyfriend. They have continued a relationship with David to the point that they have him over for every holiday, golf game, and everything in between. This has caused a separation between them and Leah. Claugh brings up a situation which occurs in families where religious traditions reign and preconceived ideas will not be released. 

Throw in a hot physical therapist who remains calm and cool when needed and who wouldn’t fall for such a wonderful paragon. Never mind he loves most of the food that you do, especially food from your culture. The best part of this relationship is that Claugh had them become friends before we arrive so their foundation is already set. 

We get both points of view which I really like so we know that Kenneth likes her too. We also get the history he hasn’t told her yet and Claugh has created a complicated hero. Life has not been easy for our alien. 

Holidays can bring a family together or tear them further apart. Luckily for us, Claugh brings a holiday romance that…seriously do you think I’m going to give away the ending?! I will say that Kenneth and Leah are awesome together and Claugh recognizes that they created a couple that not even stars can dim.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Meet the Author

Nessa Claugh grew up thriving on trips to natural history museums and Jurassic Park. Once adulthood was upon her, it was only a matter of time before she discovered shifter romance and dominant aliens. She enjoys titillating the Triassic and stargazing.

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Further Details:

Publisher: 15 November 2021

Settings: Kansas, Boca Raton, FL, U.S.


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