Review: Into the Mists by Skye MacKinnon and Laura Greenwood

A kelpie, an incubus and two wraiths walk into a bar…


Things were going so well until Macey got kidnapped. Again. Except this time, the kidnapper knows exactly why he has her, and none of his plans are good news.

She could wait for her men to save her, but then again, she’s not the kind of Princess who needs a Prince to save the day.4

My thoughts

They might walk into a bar, but do they walk out again?

Skye MacKinnon and Laura Greenwood made me feel as if I was Macey and I had no clue what was up or down. I had no clue what was real or what wasn’t real. I was questioning everything just as much as Macey. I actually didn’t trust one character until the dust was on the ground. Crazy.

MacKinnon and Greenwood take us into the dark world of Mahoun. I hope MacKinnon and Greenwood revisit Amber’s viewpoint in this series because I would be interested in hearing her viewpoint of her time there because Macey’s take on Amber is very complimentary and strong. Amber was there a lot longer than Macey and she was tortured. I am thinking about those girls that we saw in Through The Storms and thinking something similar had to happen to Amber there. 

There were lots of strings left loose in Into The Mists when the view cleared. It got a lot muddier and scarier. MacKinnon and Greenwood upped the stakes and added in some interesting twists. I think I see some twists in some of the questions asked and some statements made, but sometimes I can see things where there isn’t anything.

Hmmm…can you tell that I am invested? MacKinnon and Greenwood have that ability to captivate you with mythological ease. Into the Mists has encased me and will not let me go until I finish the series and I am willingly following the path Beneath the Earth.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Further Details:

Publisher: Peryton Press, 16 March 2018

Narrator: Angus Yellowlees

Series: Seven Wardens #2

Pages: 294


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