#FrightNight at Phoebes Randoms with Winston the Zombie Killer: and Dr. Z by Fatima Malik

An emotionally unintelligent 18-year-old Winston wakes up to a zombie virus outbreak. Only adults seem to be affected while kids run around losing their minds . . . or brains?


Together, a 15-year-old genius Jason B (who seems to be taking this very well), and Winston fight to get out of town and make unexpected friends along the way. Keeping track of his zombie kills was hard enough, now he has to go hunting for a special zombie too?

As Winston narrowly misses being bit, the “death grip” causes further complications to an otherwise successful quest . . .8


The key was to move to a less populated area or barricade yourself in your home if you had enough supplies because eventually, someone somewhere would come up with a solution, right? 

Winston had just enough time to get dressed and look in the fridge before he heard scratching at the door. He hadn’t forgotten about Jessica; she had just drifted elsewhere. He had called 911, but nothing. Same with the TV and the internet, which were both down. 

So, he put on his clothes, grabbed his gym bag, and looked around the apartment for essentials. He didn’t find anything other than a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and soap, which were already in the bag. He had an odd realization when he saw he had nothing else to take (other than the food, of course). 

He tried to call his girlfriend but nothing. Funny how he only thought of her after he was ready to leave. She just didn’t come to his mind, there were no friends he was BFFs with, and no one called him either. He walked over to the door, feeling sad and kind of lonely. The spyglass showed his neighbour – as a zombie. Winston jumped backward and began looking for a weapon. 

(Finally, Winston! A weapon is the first thing you should have packed. You’re in a zombie novel, for crying out loud!) 

All packed and ready to go, Winston grabbed a baseball bat and a stun gun (the old school one) his girlfriend had left at his place. He took a deep breath, flicked the stun gun on in his pocket, readied his baseball bat, and opened the door. 

Surprise! It was Jessica again; the neighbour had moved on. Winston hesitated for a second because swinging a bat at someone’s head isn’t as easy as you would think, even if they look like a zombie. But his hesitation was a mistake because Jessica had flung herself at him. They both fell over, and Winston was now holding her off with his bare hands. He tried to reach for the baseball bat that had fallen farther than his reach.©8

My thoughts

Zombies – my favorite thing this year. Can’t you just hear Julie Andrews singing about zombies being some of her favorite things? (chuckle)

Fatima Malik tells the tale of two young men on the run from you guessed it: zombies. Winston is an eighteen-year-old who just hasn’t found his place yet in life…or it hasn’t found him yet. I don’t think he would go looking for it unless someone told him to (chuckle). He is not a bad guy nor is he a good guy. He is just a normal everyday guy who gets by day to day.

Jason B on the other hand is Winston’s complete opposite yet in the time of crisis they bond and try very hard not to look back. Jason B, aka Dr. Z, has a plan because he is obsessed with zombies. He has seen and read everything there is and therefore he has all of the ideas. This works for most everyone along the way until…well you have to read the book!

There is a character that I find unnecessary and that is Winston’s inside voice. I have no clue why Malik includes this point of view as it is annoying and unnecessary. I can understand some of it in the beginning to better describe Winston’s character, but as you read on it is unnecessary – never mind the ending for it. I really disliked this character.

Malik keeps you engaged. There is plenty of action, smart aleck remarks, and really smart stupid ideas. Malik keeps it real – not everyone survives because they are not supposed to and it can be heart wrenching at times. 

The descriptions are gross, but not enough where you hyperventilate or can’t sleep. I think the most disturbing zombies are the young ones, but I think that when I watch TWD. I like the overall story and the interesting twist Malik gives it. Not telling – gotta read the book for yourself.

I am looking forward to book two in this series. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Further Details:

Publisher: Tellwell Talent, 978-0228843481, 11 January 2021

Series: Winston the Zombie Killer #1

Pages: 81

SC: Non-white; Asian

© Winston the Zombie Killer: and Dr. Z. by Fatima Malik 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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