Mini-Review: Meet Me In Madrid by Verity Lowell

In this sexy, sophisticated romantic comedy, two women juggle romance and career across continents.

Charlotte Hilaire has a love-hate relationship with her work as a museum courier. On the one hand, it takes her around the world. On the other, her plan to become a professor is veering dangerously off track.

Yet once in a while, maybe every third trip or so, the job goes delightfully sideways…

When a blizzard strands Charlotte in Spain for a few extra days and she’s left with glorious free time on her hands, the only question is: Dare she invite her grad school crush for an after-dinner drink on a snowy night?

Accomplished, take-no-prisoners art historian Adrianna Coates has built an enviable career since Charlotte saw her last. She’s brilliant. Sophisticated. Impressive as hell and strikingly beautiful.

Hospitable, too, as she absolutely insists Charlotte spend the night on her pullout sofa as the storm rages on.

One night becomes three and three nights become a hot and adventurous long-distance relationship when Charlotte returns to the States. But when Adrianna plots her next career move just as Charlotte finally opens a door in academia, distance may not be the only thing that keeps them apart.

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My thoughts

Verity Lowell tackles big issues in Meet Me In Madrid

Lowell addresses the glass ceiling in the academic and art worlds for women and especially non-white women. The lack of interest in showcasing non-white art and artists by white art boards. Whether your voice is heard in the academic field if you are a non-white queer person. Lowell also brings up adultery affecting a secondary character and how far does friend code extend?

There is a romance buried in there (chuckle). It is overshadowed by all of the other topics along with the age gap between Charlotte and Adrianna and the problems of long-distance relationships. Then there is the added baggage we allow into our current relationships from our past. Busy book.

Overall this book is good. I think it could have been a lot better with less romance. Shocker. (laugh) I am actually saying to put less romance into a book. I do think that less romance would have made the book far more nuanced if it focused on Charlotte’s journey. Her journey and the messages along the way are important and I feel the romance muddies the road. There is a hashtag I like that says: romance is a bonus. In this case, I wholeheartedly agree. Charlotte’s success is more important than who she ends up partnered with at the moment.

I make that sound like Lowell doesn’t give us a happy ending. Lowell does, but it sounds more like a happy-for-now ending. Hence, why I say that less romance would have been better. The topics are strong and Charlotte’s self-discovery is more important in my opinion.

Meet Me In Madrid is more than just a long-distance romance book. It is a message of strength, resilience, and the power of people helping people.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Further Details:

Publisher: Carina Adores,9781335631008, 2021 

Editor: Alissa Davis

Settings: CT and CA, U.S., Madrid, Spain; Pages: 288

SC: Mexican, lesbian, bisexual, Jewish


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