Review: Cyber Pulse

Love is love…anywhere in the universe.

Cyber Pulse: A Limited Edition Collection of LGBTQ+ Sci-Fi Romance

Cover Design: Pixie Covers


Whether they meet on alien planets or spaceships, through mate lotteries or by chance, the characters in these stories of aliens and humans, alphas and omegas, M/M, F/F, bisexual, transgender, and more will leave you breathless.4

The Alien’s Zookeeper by Skye MacKinnon and Arizona Tape

The stars gave her a mate… and a rhino. 


Tilly doesn’t believe in aliens. At least, she didn’t, until she gets abducted along with half the animals of her zoo. When you and your rhino are stuck in a cage on a spaceship, it’s hard not to believe. One of them, an elf-eared female, seems ready to help her find a way back to Earth, but is that really what Tilly wants? 

Bavalla’s messed up big time. She wasn’t supposed to abduct a sentient being, but now that she’s face to face with a female who’s not only intelligent but also very attractive, she has to figure out what to do. Telling the Captain would result in severe punishment, but how do you hide a human who’s very intent on saving not just herself, but all her animals as well? 

A fast-paced f/f romance with a strong human woman and a swoon-worthy alien female willing to give up everything for her mate. Part of the Aliens and Animals series.

Authors include: Arizona Tape, Skye MacKinnon, Sadie Marks, Zelda Knight, Céline Glaude, Stephanie Barr, Sienna Sway, Alex Austen, Tamie Veldura, and Coyote Starr.

My thoughts

I love this cover! I want it as a full blown poster for my room. Pixie Covers has seduced me with the potential within these pages. If anyone is paying attention: I would like to buy a print of this cover!!

The Alien’s Zookeeper by Arizona Tape and Skye MacKinnon

Disembowelment sounds painful whether you are a humor or an alien – just saying.

Alien abducts a girl and they fall in love. Sounds simple right? Well Skye MacKinnon and Arizona Tape put their own twist on it by adding animal rights and the black market. I love Tilly’s feistiness even in the midst of the unknown. MacKinnon and Tape provide action, chemistry, and some adorable and funny animal moments in this story. I cannot wait for this series to continue.

Renegade by Céline Glaude

Whew! Céline Glaude jams action, betrayal, death, and a little romance into Renegade. What starts out as a quick trip to deliver some goods ends up with Federation Captain Adaliz Xiary defending damsels, in the middle of a gun fight, and being blown up. Glaude has hooked me with Renegade, a book in the “New Evolutions” series.

A Brand New Day by Tami Veldura

Tami Veldura takes readers on a mind trip in A Brand New Day. Veldura leaves it up to the reader to make their own conclusions. I made none except for when it ended, “that is messed up!” Veldura takes us into an episode of the Twilight Zone and I want to read more.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Further Details:

Publisher: 15 July 2021

Cover Design: Pixie Covers

Language: British English

Series: Aliens and Animals #1; New Evolutions; Settings: Earth, Rotark, Kyven

Pages: 658

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