Mini-Review: TRAP Athlete by Paris Skye

The TRAP Athlete: Transgender, First Time 


Stephen has never been famous. He’s never gotten seven figure endorsement deals or had people throwing themselves at him. He lives in an overpriced apartment that he can’t afford. His agent is telling him he needs to be realistic and take a low pay training position. Just a below average life that’s only getting worse.

Meanwhile, his twin sister, Stephanie, is a world famous tennis star.

But everything is about to change when his sister sustains a devastating injury during a training session. She gives him an offer he can’t refuse. Pretend to be Stephanie for a year while she secretly recovers and he’ll be paid millions. Stephen agrees because he needs the money and it’s only temporary.

Become a woman for a year? How hard could it be?

Suddenly, he’s thrust into a whole new feminine world filled with makeup, a changing body, and a growing assortment of hungry male attention.

With his new body, comes new feelings and desires. As the pressures of being a girl mount up, the line blurs on what’s pretend and what’s real.

Eventually, he’s forced to make a choice. Go back to being a man or go all the way as a sexy girl.

My thoughts

This cover is so cute.

TRAP Athlete is a quick take on Stephanie II’s journey from Steve to Stephanie II.

What starts out as doing something for money ends up becoming a real desire to be a woman. Paris Skye takes us through various intimate epsidoes with all types of people It is not so much erotica as sex.

I really like the journey of Stephanie II. I am not a huge fan of the “romance” between Alice and Stephanie II. There is a statement Alice makes in the story that destroys all idea of romance for me and a violation of girl code.

I would love to read a sequel about Stephanie II having moved on from Alice and continuing to explore their sexuality. I would also love to see them play tennis against Stephanie I and whip her ass. Just saying.

Thank you to the Author for putting this book in #KindleUnlimited otherwise I could not have afford to read it. Thanks again!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Further Details:

Publisher: November 21st 2020

Pages: 54

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