#FrightNight at Phoebes Randoms with dead lesbians courtesy of G. Benson and Eden Darry.

Dead Lez Walking by G. Benson

Cover Design: Sam Achilles

One hospital. One zombie virus. One desperate group. One way out.

A new virus has appeared, and all Taren can do is groan. Being a nurse in Accident and Emergency has its downsides, and dealing with the flood of people freaking out over symptoms they don’t really have is definitely one of them.

Joy, an exhausted surgeon, is just trying to find somewhere to relax after a horrendous night on call—and somewhere she can avoid Taren, since Joy blew her off after an incredible date weeks ago. When she wakes up after an accidental nap, her pager has gone dead, and the doors outside are barricaded. This can’t be about the virus, can it?

Yes, it can. The dead are rising, and they are hungry. Joy and Taren are trapped with a group of others as they try to fight for their lives and get out. The rest of the group think it would be great if Joy and Taren would stop making moon eyes at each other when they are oh, you know, just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.13

My thoughts

I love zombies and I love lesbians. Pair them together successfully as G. Benson has done in Dead Lez Walking and I want to sit on a rooftop, eat my popcorn, and watch the lesbians run (chuckle). Plus you have to figure that at least one lesbian survives whereas they usually do not in the hetero world.

Benson gives us a great cast of characters that you want beside you in a zombie fight even if they ghost you after a really great night of sex. There is humor which sounds realistic because I know I revert to wise ass remarks in stressful situations. Plus Benson adds in that romantic tensions not just between Joy and Taren, but between a few others who fall under the rainbow.

Oh yeah, plus there are zombies!!! There is also another enemy to watch out for and it is just as scary. People die, get hurt, get lost and are found. Benson sucked me and I cannot wait for the sequel because there has to be one with how it ended. Benson has me loving Dead Lez Walking and wanting more.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Z-Town by Eden Darry

Cover Design: Jeanine Henning


Meg Daltry isn’t interested in falling in love and certainly doesn’t have time for a relationship, even though she can’t quite forget about Lane Boyd, a vacation fling she left behind in London.

When Lane arrives in Provincetown hoping to win Meg back, she isn’t expecting a town in perpetual dusk. Or the hordes of zombies overrunning it. Now she’s not only fighting for Meg, she’s fighting for her life.

An ancient Viking grave has been disturbed and its treasures stolen. Something wants back what was taken, and it won’t rest until everyone in Provincetown is destroyed. Forced to work together to stay alive, Meg and Lane must find the centuries-old treasure before the zombies find them first.4

My thoughts

If you ever need to test whether someone is going to have your back, then a zombie invasion is a good way to find out. Ask Meg. Holy sugar poor Lane. (chuckle)

Eden Darry drops poor Lane into a quagmire of disasters in her quest to win Meg back. I like Lane. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get why Meg broke up with her. All of Meg’s reasons make complete sense. What I really like about Darry is that Lane’s road to self-awareness, strength, and chutzpah does not come easy and the zombies don’t help (evil chuckle).

In between tense action sequences, Darry has the drama of Meg having to face the charisma of Lane while watching the transformation of not only her customers, neighbors, and friends, but of her the woman trying to woo her back. Let’s not forget that the zombies came from somewhere and Darry makes sure to include a mystery, betrayals, and a flying car or two. 

I love hanging around in a story that takes place down the highway from me. I kept telling my Mom, “See! I told you zombies were coming!!” Darry makes zombies fun and enjoyable. Visit Z-Town and see what all of the fuss is about and beware of a car heading your way.

I got this book from my library. I love my local library and you should check out yours too. Request LGBTQ+ books and they will stock them! #ebooksforall

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Further Details for Dead Lez Walking:

Publisher: ,9798452700609, 9 August 2021

Editor: Ellie Weeks

Language: British English; Settings: Queen’s Royal Hospital

Pages: 246

SC: Trans, Bisexual; Non-Binary; Stutter, Asian, Lesbian; Non-White

Further Details for Z-Town:

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books, 9781635557442, 13 October 2020

Cover Design: Jeanine Henning; eBook Design: Toni Whitaker

Editor: Ruth Sternglantz; Production Design: Stacia Seaman

Series: S/A; Settings: Provincetown, MA, U.S 

Pages: 240

SC: Lesbians



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