Series Review: The Samantha Rain Mysteries by Arizona Tape

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Samantha Rain thought she was a normal woman approaching forty. Until she gets bitten by a hellhound puppy and finds herself thrown into a hidden supernatural world where saying the wrong thing could have dire consequences.

With her new hellhound puppy by her side, and the captivating Lilith teaching her the ropes, Sam soon puts her detective training to use and starts uncovering the secrets of the Nox.

The Samantha Rain Mysteries Complete series includes The Case Of The Night Mark, The Case Of The Pixie Deal, The Case Of The Ruby Curse, and The Case Of The Puppy Academy. It is an urban fantasy mystery series with a slow burn f/f romantic subplot and a hellhound puppy.5

My thoughts

Say it isn’t so!!!! This cannot be the end of Samantha, Lilith, and Shadow.

Arizona Tape might think that Samantha Rain’s journey into the Nox world is over, but it can’t be because Tape hasn’t explored all of the possible stories.

The Case of the Night Mark, The Case of the Pixie Deal, and The Case of the Puppy Academy are straight up mysteries that involve vampires, pixies, and supernaturals. Tape has created a great cast of secondary characters to support Rain on her cases.

The Case of the Ruby Curse seals the relationship between Lilith and Samantha as Tape has created a slow-burn through the other mysteries.

What is left open to answer? What can Shadow do? What will Shadow grow into and how will it affect Rain’s mysteries? The relationship between Lilith and Samantha has plenty of potential for questions, angst, and of course the courting.

Then there is the entire Nox world. There are so many potential mysteries. Let’s not forget that Rain still lives in the “normal” world where there are also potential mysteries. 

I realize this is a slightly different series review as it reads like a begging to Tape to not end the series, but it just showcases how good the mysteries are. They are not deep and heavy. The banter between Lilith and Samanta is just as fun as solving the mystery.

There is just such a great foundation built by Tape that leaving this world just seems too soon. So as you can probably figure out by now, I really like the Samantha Rain mysteries. I am not ready for it to be over. Just saying.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Publisher: Vampari Press, 15 July 2021


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