Review: A Spectrum of Heroes by Annie Percik

A scientist goes on the run and her girlfriend is sent to apprehend her.

A Spectrum of Heroes: A Superhero Novel

Cover Design: Aaron Moran

Biochemist Anushka Mahto flees the lab where she works, stealing the mysterious substance she has been experimenting on. She accidentally contaminates herself while disposing of it, in an attempt to protect the world at large from its potentially harmful effects. On the run from her unethical boss, Anushka must learn to control her multiple new powers while being hunted by lab security chief and former lover, Charlotte. She calls on her sister for help, but Jhanvi is reluctant to open old wounds by allowing Anushka back into her life. When an alien named Ergo comes onto the scene, Anushka suddenly finds the fate of humanity resting in her hands. Can she navigate the complex problems in her personal relationships and also prevent an interstellar war?10


“And you had no idea that Dr Mahto was planning such an act?” 

“No, sir.” Charlotte bit off the last word, but not quickly enough to prevent it slipping out. Another military habit that was hard to break, especially with Yardley. “If I had suspected something, I would have reported it immediately.” 

“Would you?” Yardley looked her up and down, then nodded. “Yes, I believe you would. Well, spilt milk and all that. Let’s move forwards. What do you think Dr Mahto will do with the XR-20?” 

Charlotte considered. “She won’t go to the press, if that’s what you’re worried about. She’ll dispose of it somewhere and then run.” She closed her eyes briefly at the thought of Anushka, alone and scared, fleeing the lab – and also fleeing Charlotte. 

“So, we might yet be able to retrieve both Dr Mahto and the XR-20.” Yardley steepled his fingers over his lips. “Good. That’s your top priority. Find Dr Mahto and make her return what she has stolen from us. You have full access to all lab resources and complete discretion to act as you see fit in the pursuit of your mission. Understood?”©10 

My thoughts

Alice Percik gives voice to 10 characters in A Spectrum of Heroes. This may seem excessive, but eight of the characters are one entity, which for their purposes are called Ergo.

Percik’s story kicks off with a crime and then our heroine goes on the run. Spectrum gives us an Indian superhero who is also a biochemist. It is refreeshing to have a non-white superhero who is also part of the rainbow community. Anushka has a strong moral code which I love and respect.

Spectrum also highlights military veterans who have been physically affected by the Iraq War, with the other main character Charlotte and her best friend Danny. Charlotte is a complicated character, but I think her best quality is her heart. She walks her talk and once again Percik has created a woman I respect and love.

The trope is a familiar one yet Percik puts the twist on it by creating characters that stand out. The story moves fast and flows back and forth between the past to the present with ease. Percik clearly delineates the voices, time, and location. Her descriptions are clean and vivid.

Once again I am reading a science fiction book and finding myself loving it. I love the struggle to hold your moral code risking your relationships for the better good. Percik showcases this with all of the characters and their journey. Add in a non-white superhero, veterans, and an excellent tale and A Spectrum of Heroes is a book I can easily recommend.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 “As a Bookshop and Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

Further Details:

Publisher: Markosia Enterprises, 9781914926068, 6 September 2021

Cover Design: Aaron Moran; Book Design: Ian Sharman

Settings: Kolkata, India, Iraq, and London, England

Pages: 304

SC: Disabled, Indian

© A Spectrum of Heroes written by Annie Percik 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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