Review Tour: Hawk by Amber Malloy

Hawk thought he had everything he wanted until Lexington Waters showed up. That’s when he discovered he needed so much more.

Cover Design: Louisa Maggio

Tech Guru Lexi Waters needs to snatch her company out of the grasp of her greedy ex-husband. The only problem is the restraining order that keeps her away from the business she built from the ground up. With no money left to her name, Lexi is forced to go back to Chicago and face the first man to ever let her down—blues legend Sugarfoot Moe Waters, her father. While she’s stuck fixing up his crappy bar, the last thing she needs to deal with is a pushy, arrogant professional hockey player—Hawthorne Maze, aka Hawk. Hopefully the gorgeous distraction won’t derail everything she has worked so hard for.

From the outside looking in, Hawk’s life seems perfect. Professionally, he’s at the top of his field, and personally, he has his pick of any groupie. Orphaned by teenage parents, he only knows is that his mom is white and his dad black. Other than that, there are only two people he considers family—his childhood friend Gavin Knox and geriatric bar owner Moe. He thinks he knows everything about the famous blues artist, but the sudden appearance of his hot-ass daughter is not only unexpected but also unwanted. Contemplating retirement, Hawk needs to figure out what to do next, but fate keeps throwing the sexy egghead Lexi in his path.


Word vomit tumbled out of his mouth. He didn’t know where it came from, but he continued to blather in hopes she would stop crying. Hawk smashed grown men’s heads for a living but holding this broken princess in his arms made him feel helpless. “Next year will be up in the air for me. While everyone’s life is progressing at a natural pace, mine is at a standstill. Then there’s this place… A few years back, Moe’s became my home away from home.”

 At some point the tears had dried up but she remained quietly tucked against his side. Here and there he heard her take little puffs of breath. From the way she’d squared off against him earlier, he didn’t get the impression she was easily reduced to tears. Whatever had knocked her down must have been one hell of a doozy. 

“The team I was on back then crapped out of the playoffs in the first rounds, and who knows where Knox was back then. It was a fluke that I stumbled into this place. Perfect food, great music and no one recognized me—” 

“Hockey and blues don’t mix.” Lexi sniffed after repeating her words from earlier. Surprised she was even listening, he smiled. 

“Apparently, but I kept coming back anyway. Moe must have figured since I was around so much, he might as well put me to work. I’ve been playing bartender in the off seasons. It helps keeps my mind busy. Plus, I love this place.”

 She pulled away from him and sat up, and he instantly missed her warmth. 

“The renovations became one more thing to catch me off guard. I took it out on you, and I apologize for that.” He tilted his head in her direction, which granted him a good whiff of her hair. Apricots, peaches and sunshine filled his nose. Hawk cleared his throat, not wanting to skeeve her out. She had already been through enough. “So I propose we start over. My name is Hawthorne Maze, and I promise not to be a dick to you anymore.” He put out his hand for her to take. After a moment, she put her soft palm into his. 

“My name is Lexington Waters, and I promise not to let you be a dick to me anymore.” He shook her dainty hand with a chuckle.©

Reader advisory: This book contains incidents of revenge porn, racial slurs by minor characters, and scenes of blackmail and emotional abuse.8

My thoughts

Amber Malloy gives readers a feel good ‘80s salute to romance in Hawk. I love it!

I don’t know what I loved more, the romance between Hawk and Lexi or the friendships made between the ladies. Girl-code is back in this book and I’m telling you it is hard for me to choose between Hawk and Girl-code. Y’all know how I feel about girl-code, I have been known to give a bad review for violation of girl code.

Hawk is an amazing hockey player, but he is all about ‘80s rom-coms and apparently was way too influenced by them. This gives Malloy an opportunity to allow me to reminisce and to give the story a sweetness to reflect a nostalgic period for Hawk. It also balances the negativity of what is happening to Lexi in her professional/personal life.

The ladies that Hawk’s friends bring to the table are the best. I’m not sure who I want as my best friend if I had to pick just one because all of them are unique. Each friend steps up in their own way and when they are combined…let’s just say I have never contemplated dating a hockey player before now, but now I’m thinking about it. (laugh)

Malloy presents us with the realities of technology today and the slimeballs who capitalize on it. There are dangers out there and unfortunately being super smart will not save you from them. There is also the reality of being Black and a sports player and the comments that people feel free to make, especially if you make a play that they don’t like. Malloy addresses all of these issues, but does not even try to solve half of them because you can’t – and that is reality. 

Malloy does give us romance, heat, and some more heat. Hawk and Lexi are combustible together and give us a good time. 

Hawk is the third installment of the “Perfect Stats” series and it hits all of the high marks that you want in a romance. I might just go back and read it again…and not just for the “fun” scenes.

I received a free copy of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” at no additional cost to you.

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Further Details:

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group, 9781839435348, 24 August 2021

Cover Design: Louisa Maggio; Interior Text Design: Claire Siemaszkiewicz

Series: Perfect Stats #3; Settings: California, Colorado, Chicago, IL, U.S. and Canada

Pages: 202
SC: Black, Non-White, Bisexual

© 2021 Hawk by Amber Malloy All Rights Reserved

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