Mini-Review: Where Secrets Are Safe by Jamey Moody

At a Texas lake resort, swimming in romance, an enemy ice queen thaws right into her Hollywood happy ending.


Krista Kyle knew how hard it was to be a closeted lesbian in Hollywood. Unfortunately being out and proud could affect your career. But after twenty years as an award winning actress Krista was able to be her authentic self in a world where being someone else was the norm.

With an opportunity to buy a lake resort with her best friend, Krista creates a safe place where those that weren’t yet ready to live openly in public can come with their partners and girlfriends and be themselves.

When a sleazy journalist, known for outing people, finds out about the hideaway Krista offers to show her what the resort really means and uncovers a secret that changes them both.

This is the first book in the Lovers Landing Series where celebrities find their true love in the most unlikely people.4

My thoughts

Jamey Moody takes us lakeside and if the cover is anything to go by, it is absolutely beautiful. I didn’t want to go paddle boarding, or riding on the boat fast…but Moody’s description of just relaxing and watching the stars, or the water made me want to visit Lovers Landing.

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Krista and Julia are the types of friends you want in your life because their stories and energy together is entertainment on their own. Moody adds in Heidi, Julia’s wife, their kids, plus the guests of their new venture Lovers Landing Where Secrets Are Safe.

Well hopefully sapphic women will be safe, but there is a reporter, Brooke, who wants to continue to expose closeted rainbows.

Moody has Krista take a step back and look at the whole situation – I love this. Most stories have them battle throughout the book, but Moody takes a different road and I loved it.

I also love the potential of where this series can go in regards to future romances if they lift the couples only rule (smile).

I totally recommend a visit to Lovers Landing Where Secrets Are Safe.

Thank you to the Author for putting this book in #KindleUnlimited otherwise I could not have afford to read it. Thanks again!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:

Publisher: Self-Published, 979-8524652683, 29 June 2021

Editor: Kat Jackson

Series: Lovers Landing #1; Settings: California and Texas, U.S.

Pages: 204

SC: Lesbians


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