Mini-Review ~ The First Horseman: A Prequel by Frieda Kilmari

I am Death. I am the keeper of the otherworld gate. I am queer. I am magically tethered to a beautiful Japanese mystery. I am . . .

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I could list a million facts regarding my identity, but none of them matter. Not anymore. Not now my magic has evolved. 

She’s beautiful. She’s magical. She’s everything I could have hoped for. 

But will she be our salvation?

This is a 15,000-word short story set in the months leading up to the first book, The Fifth Horseman. Death is the point of view of the character here, and you get a sneak peak into his relationship with Famine, his odd connection with Magic, and his overall deliciousness, of course. Gay sexual situations, swearing, and magical stalking ensue.13

My thoughts

The First Horseman, aka the Angel of Death, aka Dea tells us about the Four Horsemen to prepare us for the “Horseman’s Harem Saga” written by Freida Kilmari.

Dea is actually a healer and not only the person who helps people crossover. His lover is Nine, akaFamine, who according to Dea is the resident nerd. He is also telepathic so no thoughts of having fun with him without him knowing. Their heat together is very steamy and with Dom/sub elements. (I likey.)

Conquest, aka Connie, is a female super hearing friendly Horseman. Arrie is our group grump.

Kilmari introduces a mystery in the form of a pink haired girl living in Japan. Dea is confused about why his magic would lead to a human.

Kilmari lays down the groundwork to what looks like will be a fun series. There are a wide variety of supernaturals and Taylor, our pink ldy, seems prepared and yet not prepared at the same time to meet them.

The First Horseman has some action on the streets and in the sheets. I cannot wait for more.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Books in the “Horseman’s Harem Saga are here.

Further Details:

Publisher: Kilmari Publishing, 26 October 2020

Series: Horseman’s Harem Saga #0.5; Settings: Japan, Colorado, Louisiana, U.S.

Pages: 49


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