Randoms: Fae Friday Ep. 306

I hate talking badly about books…but guess what I found something to say (laugh). 

What did you read – that you would recommend about…

Kristy’s topic today is: It’s #FaeFriday and I bet you already knew what this week’s prompt would be. What book didn’t live up to the hype?

I hate talking badly about books. This is why I don’t publicize my bad reviews (laugh).

So which books do I not finish? Or why don’t I publicize a bad review?

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I find my personal prejudices get in the way. Now this can be good for some books because I will rave about the book and get on my soapbox because they are talking about a socially vital topic. I warn my readers that I have a biased opinion and they are going to get it full throttle (smh laugh).

On the hand, knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I used to be an editor and most of the time you wouldn’t realize this because I am usually typing up my reviews at the last minute and do not take the time to proofread them. (I’m working on that this year.) What I hate in a book that has been sent to me to review is if it is flooded with spelling errors, bad grammar, and continuity issues. If it is a really good book, then a couple won’t bother me. BUT, if the book is just moving along, I spot them all. I was recently sent a book two in a series and asked to review book one first because I was not familiar with the cast. Book One had been out for a bit. If I did not love my Kindle I would have thrown it against the wall. I was beyond frustrated and had to write to the agency to say I couldn’t even finish the first book – never mind attempt the second book. Beyond frustrating.

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Now if a writer, publisher, publicist lets me know beforehand that it hasn’t gone through the editing process, I will send them my notes…if I like them (laugh). Editing is hard work so, “Kudos to all of the editors out there!”

Now there are books that I just can’t get past because the premise of the story is distasteful to me or crosses a moral line that even though I know it is fiction…yeah it’s a no go. Some examples might be breaking girl code over a potential partner…seriously? Women need to support each other, not tear each other down. 

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I stopped reading one author who I had read for years because she made the heroine a slut. I still remember the book and I haven’t read that author since (laugh). Now I have no problems with sluts, I have a problem with an author who has always been an old-fashioned romantic in their books suddenly changing and not giving me any warning. In their defense, I was a hard core one-to-one person romance junkie at the time. Hello, who wants real-life? (laugh)

There is another (laugh smh) quirk I have. Dude you are not using protection, this will piss me off for multiple pages afterwards. Now imagine this is a smut book and you can see their rating slipping. 

I have also called out an author about a position used in the book. Hello?! Yeah…no. I wrote that I wanted to see this action done right in front of me because it is not possible. Sometimes it is really hard to suspend belief. 

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This also goes for another setting as to utilizing the same technique in every book: stroke her arm, nibble the neck, and breathe against her lips. Next scene: brush your fingertips across her breasts, her breath hitches, he then glances his hand across her nipple….in every single book. I don’t read her any longer either and I loved her basic stories, but I like sex in my books and yeah…onwards.

It is not so much about living up to the hype as to what I want to see in the books I read. Let’s promote women being good to each other and to ourselves. We deserve safe sex too, let’s put it in (giggle). 

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