Mini Reviews: Chasing the Spark by Keri Blue and Double Entendre by Mistress Black Rose

Today’s #SpankSaturday is about trust. Trust with electroplay and with new experiences. One story is a heterosexual story and the other is a lesbian one. 

Chasing the Spark by Keri Blue

Cover Design: Louisa Maggio

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Nina’s loving Master has a kinky surprise for her. The gift of a violet wand is shocking, but the sparks will soon fly.


Nina can’t wait to spend the Valentine’s Day weekend with Trey, her Master. He’s a perfect, loving boyfriend and the ideal kinky match for a submissive like Nina. He’s also a world away from the bad Doms she’s dated in the past, but when Trey gifts her a violet wand, she’s surprised…and daunted.

The thought of electroplay scares Nina, yet she yearns to give herself completely. Can she learn to trust her Master enough to let him push her limits?

Luckily for Nina, Trey’s ready to show her just what pleasure awaits. Over a Valentine’s Day weekend of romantic, steamy kink, the couple explore their new toy, and Nina comes to realize just how much she can learn from the sparks her Master creates between them.4

Something I have not tried in the world of kink (gasp!) is introduced in a healthy and safe way in Chasing the Spark. I will admit that electroplay has been an interest of mine for a long time now, but I just haven’t gotten to trying it out yet. Kori Blue definitely puts electroplay higher on my list after reading Chasing the Spark.

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It’s Valentine’s Day in Nina and Trey’s world and he plans a special treat for them. Unfortunately Nina has not communicated enough about her fears and negative experience with electroplay to Trey. So his sweetheart gift does not go over well, but it does lead to honest conversation about the toys. 

I love how Blue has the couple talk it out and vow to communicate better their needs. This is a must in any Dom/sub relationship and it is true about everyday relationships too. These conversations happen in between some intimate fun involving ice, rope, and a few other things. I don’t want to spoil your fun.

Chasing the Spark is a great gift for Valentine’s holiday whether you are alone with your toy or playing with others.(Totally Bound Publishing, 9781839434631,19 January 2021, p. 130) Goodreads. StoryGraph

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Double Entendre: An Erotic Lesbian BDSM Romance by Mistress Black Rose

Quinn is an ambitious career woman, working hard to become the next CMO at her marketing firm. When the stress starts to mount, she has a close brush with death. If she doesn’t figure out a way to cope, she’s going to implode.

When her beautiful coworker Estelle first suggests unconventional bondage and discipline sessions, Quinn balks at the idea. Eventually, she gets ‘roped’ into becoming Mistress Jade’s sub. To her surprise, she loves ‘The Lifestyle,’ and it’s exactly what she needs!

The sessions are so life-altering she realizes her personal life has suffered. She’s taking bold steps, branching out, and considering dating Estelle or Iona – two of her beautiful coworkers.

Everything is peachy until Quinn is faced with an epic moral dilemma. She’ll have to choose between love and life, or her career. It will be the hardest decision she’s ever made. If she doesn’t choose right, it could cost her everything, including her beloved Mistress Jade.13

Mistress Black Rose gives us subterfuge, drama, and lots of spankings in Double Entendre. Mistress Rose showcases how when your innermost needs are met how it can have a ripple effect on the rest of your life.

Quinn is stressed, eating antacids, and not taking care of herself. A new friend suggests she meet with a dominatrix to see if that is a potential way to safely relieve stress. It isn’t until Quinn thinks she has a heart attack and the doctors recommend drugs that she takes the dominatrix idea seriously.

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Mistress Rose’s handling of the communication and negotiations before the first session is the norm. I love how these details are included and that mandatory communications regarding the contract are to happen at every session until Mistress Jade gets to know Quinn better. I love when I see BDSM conducted correctly…it makes me hot (laugh). 

When Quinn starts to let go and let herself fully embrace what she needs, her friends start to notice the change in her. Quinn starts to revel in her new decisions and the path she is taken until a professional carrot is dangled in front of her.

Mistress Rose’s handling of this is still true to life as I have seen this happen. Sometimes we lose people to “real” life and sometimes they pay attention to their needs. I love this story because it is real, yet still has playtime, romance, and women friendships. 

Double Entendre is a lesbian romance that just happens to have BDSM, corporate drama, and a woman’s journey to self-awareness. There are plenty of scenes to bookmark and a guaranteed happily ever after. Who could ask for more from a book. (Black Rose Media, 6 November 2019, p. 140). Goodreads. Storygraph

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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The idea for me to use the #SpankSaturday came from Karen Nappa and TribeRR via Twitter. Thanks!


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