Mini Reviews: Checking out T.W. Fendley and Mary Stone’s latest books.

This week I check out Mary Stone’s latest new series and a new science fiction book by T.W. Fendley.

Methuselah’s Legacy by T.W. Fendley 

A group of elders get together to try and extend life only to instigate a morality fire that living longer will not put out.


Lilith Davidson has nothing to lose. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, her only hope for survival rests in an experimental longevity serum she herself helped to develop using an intuitive-based protocol known as remote viewing.

She never dreamed the treatment could be so wildly effective… nor did she expect its unusual side effect.

Now, as Lilith and the other eleven Methuselah Pioneers struggle to embrace the serum’s gift, powerful forces condemn their miracle cure as a violation of life’s natural order and threaten their lives. Will the treatment help humanity or tear society apart?13

I start laughing every time I try to write this review because what on earth could be wrong with everyone being a little more in the middle on life’s spectrum. But then I am a poly pansexual (laugh) so of course I am totally for this premise.

T.W. Fendley does not turn Methuselah’s Legacy into an erotic free for all though there is some fun had here by everyone but the extremists. Fendley explores how people’s choices later in life can end up having an impact on their families, friends, and society. This story is deeper than just a cure from diseases. Fendley tackles every area of family relationships and the different responses which result from the group’s changes.

I think it is this family and social dysfunction which make this a good book for me. I love Lilith’s relationship with Kameitha. It is my favorite relationship in the book as their communication is beautiful. Kameitha ends up having to make decisions which are heart-breaking and dangerous. Lilith ends up being the recipient of everyone’s decisions and anger. My heart just thudded hard at certain points because I was sure that the story was going into a direction no one would recover from.

Fendley gives readers joy, life, romance, and breath-stopping action moments. Hopefully Legacy doesn’t end here because I can totally see the next chapter with the groups who got the treatment after them and how this affects the original group. Legacy must be good if I am already thinking about the “next chapter”. Don’t take my word for it. Read this science fiction, sexual identity bending, moral tale and let me know what you think. (Soul Song Press, 9780999843451, 31 December 2020, p. 331) Goodreads.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Storm’s Fury by Mary Stone 

A television documentary puts a spotlight on a four-year-old kidnapping. Amelia and her colleagues in the Organized Crime Division know there’s more to the girl’s case than meets the eye.

The twelve-year-old wasn’t just abducted. She was targeted by a human trafficking ring…

Amelia Storm is a Chicago native who returns home after her brother is killed in the line of duty. She is an FBI Special Agent and, while her grieving family needs her, she begins to wrestle with a menacing shadow from her past. This series is going to be one big thrill ride!13

Mary Stone has a brand-new crime fiction series and “Amelia Storm” kicks off with Storm’s Fury. Stone has created an intriguing set of characters in Chicago. We have the undercover IA agent, two partners who are at odds with each other, a recovering alcoholic father, a drug addict sister, an ex-boyfriend who runs one of the mafia families in Chicago, and a past full of landmines.

Get it free on Kindle Unlimited!3

There are multiple mysteries already started. All of the mysteries are intriguing. From a murdered cop brother to a mysterious and high-powered villain. The case featured in this story is about human-trafficking with a lot of trails to follow at the end.

The only thing missing is the spice. Storm’s Fury reads like a case file. There are hints of potential in the story due to all of the intriguing possibilities. Unfortunately, I felt no adrenaline when the doors are stormed or when an undercover assignment seems to get to the “good” part. Fury is introduced as a thriller, but there are no thrills or chills. (4 January 2021, p. 335) Goodreads.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


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