Series Review: The Galactic Pantheon Novellas by Alyce Caswell

In the millennia since leaving Old Earth, humans have spread far and wide across the galaxy. A pantheon of sub-level gods was created to oversee the expanding population, always to protect them out of sight, never to become one of them – and never to experience love. Or so they thought.

Cover Design: Hampton Lamoureux

The Flickering Flame (F/F) 

Grace Pendergast is a disgraced reporter who thinks the galaxy would be better off without her. But then she meets Finara, the goddess of fire. As sparks ignite between them, Grace must choose between carrying out her original plans – or accepting an eternity at Finara’s side.

The Shifting Ice (M/M) 

Dom Zhang has just fallen to his death when Rasson, the god of ice, rescues him. Dom would be grateful, except for the fact that Rasson has chosen Dom as his consort. And Dom has no intention of settling down – even if marrying a god comes with certain perks.

The Whispering Grass (ace) 

Sanyul Bello has never failed to complete a mission – until he tries to assassinate Isabis, the goddess of savannah. She decides to punish him by showing him what it’s like to be her, but what she doesn’t expect is to create an intense connection between them.

The Creeping Moss (F/FTM) 

When Renaei, the goddess of tundra, needs a bodyguard the choice is simple: Lorne Lavine. Renaei is sure she has found her equal in him. But Lorne has worshipped her his entire life – how can he ever see her as a woman instead of an untouchable goddess?13

I am trying to think if I have a favorite in this series and I have to say it is difficult to choose. Alyce Caswell gives rainbow readers and everyone else a fantastic representation of diversity, identity, and genre in “The Galactic Pantheon Novellas” series.

The novellas tells the different stories of a divided family of gods and goddesses. They are of course at odds with each other and do not depend on their parent at all. There are three sides, but no one is really neutral by the end of their story. The stories are told in different worlds and display the power of a particular god. 

Caswell tackles a range of difficult subjects from suicide to self-isolating. Loneliness is a common theme among the tales. I would say with the exception of one god, all of them are hoping for their great love. This search leads to humorous situations, but also to love.

There is an excellent balance between the subject matter and the romance. I laughed a lot in The Flickering Flame which deals with suicide. The joy in Renaei jumped out of the page, even though Renaei and Lorne were in the midst of battles in The Creeping Moss.

I loved all of the books, but I do have some favorites. Finara is the god I liked best. Her attitude and kick butt style appealed to me. The best assist I think was the moss as it stands out clearly in my mind. My favorite couple is Sanyul and Isabis because of their unique situation and how Caswell writes their ending. I love a couple that can work around what others might see as obstacles. Best warrior is Lorne hands down. The steamiest couple is Dom and Rasson. There is a scene where Rasson is standing still and it is very erotic. 

The stories are quick reads with humor, family drama, and romance. Caswell gives us a ride across the rainbow with The Galactic Pantheon Novellas series. I loved this ride and I am sorry to see it end. If you have a particular type of couple, Caswell provides it in this series. You cannot go wrong with any book in the group. I loved all of them.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: 9780648544425, 20 August 2020
Series: The Galactic Pantheon Novellas; Settings: Arkansas, Sundafar, Velde, New Sydney
Pages: 241; Sex: Rated R

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