Review: The Creeping Moss by Alyce Caswell

She saved him as a child and now she wants him to see her as a woman.

Cover Design: Hampton Lamoureux


Lorne Lavine has adored his goddess ever since she saved his life and saw him as he truly was, so when she appears decades later wanting to recruit him as her bodyguard, he is unable to refuse. His time at the Galactic Law Enforcement Agency has prepared him for any fight — but not for the feelings she stirs inside him. The feelings no mortal should have.

Renaei, the goddess of tundra, trusts only one man with her life and that’s Lorne — but even she must admit that’s not the reason she chose him to protect her. She is desperate for a companion, an equal, someone to love her instead of worshipping her from afar. But will Lorne ever be able to see her as a woman instead of an untouchable goddess?4

Alyce Caswell asks Lorne to look at a goddess as an ordinary woman and yeah he has some problems with that. Life has not been easy for Lorne as he struggled to put forth who he was into reality. He made some hard choices and I understand them completely. Along the way he met a goddess who saved him and he never stopped looking at her as his protector. 

Renaei is an interesting goddess to me because I got Isabis’ side of the story and I was thinking “that bitch Renaei”. Here Renaei admits she was wrong, but it might be too late. I find it very interesting that Caswell makes a god admit that they made a mistake.Renaei also takes and uses Lorne’s advice. Now if all leaders could look at the broader picture…right?!

Caswell also shows some great combat tactics, which I think I have mentioned before. There is action, darkness, and romance in The Creeping Moss. By the way, I love the creeping moss’ and its purpose in this story.

(laugh) I got a little off track there (smile). The Creeping Moss concludes the novella series with a kick butt goodbye. Even though this is the last one in the series, it can still be read as a standalone so don’t let the number scare you. Moss is a great escape from the drama of this world.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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#1 The Tortured Wind (M/F)

#2 The Twisted Vine (M/F)

#2.2 The Flickering Flame (F/F)

#2.4 The Shifting Ice (M/M)

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#2.8 The Creeping Moss (F/FTM) 

Further Details:
Publisher: 9780648162681, 20 June 2019
Series: The Galactic Pantheon #2.8; Settings: Velde, New Sydney
Pages: 69; Sex: Rated R 


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